Student Mentoring Program

2009 Middle School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Bennington Jr. High

Team Leader
Mrs. Catherine Schumacher

Lucas Billesbach, JEO Consulting Firm
Rick Edgerton, JEO Consulting Firm

Project: Bennington Water Sports and Recreation Facility

The City of Bennington is a growing community. As the community continues to grow, so does the student population. In recent years there has been an increased interest in adding competitive water sports to the high school athletic department. In addition, there has been interest from the residents to add to the recreational services offered in the community. Our solution is to design a year-round facility with a multi-use pool that would accommodate athletic water sports as well as provide recreation for the community's residents.

Sarah Carper  7    Alexis Farris  7    
Marcus Haney  7    Hannah Hartman  7    
Simran Khanal  7    Ashley VanFleet  7    
Brett Velasquez  7    Alexandria Wilson  7    
Jake Bliss  8    Ben Hurlburt  8    
Dalton Jager  8    Ryan Kerwin  8    
Jessie Schrum  8    Grant Siekman  8    
Tyler Stansberry  8    Collin Turner  8    
Morgan Valeika  8    
JEO Consulting Firm  

Beveridge Middle

Team Leader
Mrs. Sheila McCauley
Mrs. Kari Nathan

Bruce McCauley, USAF 55th CE Squadron
Neel Keiser, Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner

Project: Safety is Priceless

Do you think students are safe at school? Statistics show that nearly 8% of students in middle and high school miss at least one day of school each month because they are afraid to attend. What can we do to eliminate or reduce this terrible statistic? At Beveridge Magnet School, we are ready to make our school safe and secure. We will start by examining the prospect of using block scheduling, adding security cameras, looking at our access to the portables, redesigning our entrance, fixing locks and adding more bells.

Roda-Abur Anade  8    Malik Crawford  8    
Samantha Etheredge  8    Luke Gregerson  7    
Jaclyn Horan  8    Daniele Jackley  8    
Nathaniel Johnson  7    Christian Kruse  7    
Caitlin Morris  7    John Murray  8    
Kelsey Schorsch  8    Kimberly Sierra  7    
Marlon Simpson  8    Raven Welchel  8    
Alden Zahm  8    
Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner   USAF 55th CE Squadron  

Beveridge Middle Team 2

Team Leader
Kari Nathan
Sheila McCauley

Cristoph Nathan, Claas
Michael Huffstetler, Leo A. Daly

Project: Connecting to the World

Creating an interactive classroom that includes video conferencing for world wide learning is our goal. Beveridge Magnet School is the International Studies Magnet school. Currently our students are participating in service learning projects that include communications with other students in different parts of the country and world. This classroom would enable our students to participate in live video conferences to establish a visual connection among participants. This classroom will support the use of diverse media, photos, computer images, graphics, text, and other varieties of presentations. We are excited to take our students around the world.

Trevor Rea  8    Josiah Manske  8    
Andrew Tortorilla  7    Haley Poloncic  8    
Blake Weatherly  8    Charles Kaniho  8    
Savannah Kittleson  8    Daniel Marquez  8    
Padraig Myrick  8    Abdel Ramirez   7    
Sergio Sanchez  8    Joseph Contreras  8    
Claas   Leo A. Daly  

Bryan Middle

Team Leader
Apryl Snell

Dave Packard, US Army Corps of Engineers
Amy Holtgrew, Kiewit Building Group

Project: Bear Den

The existing school library is overused and too small for the needs of the school. The same goes for the portables outside of the school, which are physically intrusive, environmentally harmful, and costly to maintain. Our team will address these problems by designing an energy efficient addition to Bryan Middle. This building will replace the portables and will include a student center and a new library.

Lorenzo Rivera  8    Doug Barnum  7    
Song Zheng  7    Marian Gottner  8    
Alejandro Centeno  7    Cesar Echevarria Mendez  7    
DJ Maldonado  7    Kyle Block  8    
Kiewit Building Group   US Army Corps of Engineers  

LaVista Jr. High

Team Leader
Peg (Margaret) Alexander
Tony Reisdorff
Travis Simpson

Donna G. Kohlan, P.E., Farris Engineering
Stephen R. Smith, A/A, Kenneth Hahn Architects, Inc.
Lynn Tungland, Bechtel-S

Project: La Vista Junior High: Green Space to Used Space

La Vista Junior High, unlike many schools, is surrounded by an abundant amount of vacant land that currently serves no effective nor efficient purpose. Our engineering project illustrates a number of ways that the land can be developed for classroom and extracurricular school activities by utilizing the available space to improve our school infrastructure, fitness and well being.

Dominello, Sam  7    Mezzel, Cameron  7    
(Rauch) Vanderslice, Emma  7    Russell, Chloe  7    
Smultzer, Matt  7    Trofholz, Cameron  7    
Barbosa, Hyo (Will)  8    Bartels, Nick  8    
Cole, Hunter  8    Hoagland, Alex  8    
Plumb, Sam  8    Steinbach, Nathaniel  8    
Tentinger, Mark  8    Tran, Christina  8    
Tran, Tom  8    Truong, Linh  8    
Bechtel-S   Farris Engineering   Kenneth Hahn Architects, Inc.  

Marrs Magnet Center

Team Leader
Karen Ramaeker

Daniel Kammerer, HDR, Inc.
Jorge Rivero, City of Omaha Public Works

Project: Spring Lake Ball Field

The softball diamond at Spring Lake Park in South Omaha is in need of renovation and repair. In our proposal, we will install new bleachers, fences, and dugouts, build a concession stand with restrooms and improve the existing parking area. These improvements will benefit softball players in little league through adult leagues while also providing the Spring Lake neighborhood with a quality ball field to play on.

Etienne Brock  7    Lucy Chung  7    
Hien Dan  7    ASha Francisco  7    
Eva Kammerer  7    Sidney Marks  7    
Brenda Schneider  7    Shayla Stevens  7    
Carrie Velez  7    Lili Allen-Franco  8    
Ibk Awodele  8    Sam Bennett  8    
Lane Chapman  8    Adriana Cleveland  8    
Jennifer Greene  8    Xandria Gregory  8    
Ross Harding  8    Carina Lopez  8    
Mark Moulton  8    Blue Petersen  8    
Keila Placido  8    Ernesto Sanchez  8    
City of Omaha Public Works   HDR, Inc.  

McMillan Magnet

Team Leader
James Mayberger

Kathie Englert, US Army Corps of Engineers
Austin Yates, HWS Consulting Group

Project: Mad streets, save sides

There are many traffic problems near McMillan Magnet School. Martin Avenue and Redick Avenue are the center of these problems for both pedestrians and vehicles before and after school. Some of the issues are speeding on Martin Avenue, students walking on the streets instead of sidewalks, and sight distance problems at several intersections. As part of the solution, we would conduct a survey to determine the modes of transportation that students at McMillan use. We would then investigate signalization, signage, sidewalks improvements, traffic calming, and overall safety improvements.

Alex Plambeck  8    Loren Ransome  8    
Paul Gargarella   8    Sarah Myers  8    
Myles Coddington  8    Joshua Moore  8    
Roman Long  8    Eric Anderson  8    
Dustin Gathje  8    
HWS Consulting Group   US Army Corps of Engineers  

McMillan Magnet Team 2

Team Leader
James Mayberger
Elizabeth Figueroa

Robert Sink, CH2M Hill
Lucas Kirkpatrick, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Heat the Robinsons

Our project is to renovate the northwest portion of the Henry Doorly Zoo, to increase traffic, and make the area more child-oriented. Our main goal is to implement more activities for the children three to seven years of age to participate in, these activities being fun and learning based at the same time. We will implement our own ideas to make as much of the exhibits interactive and enjoyable to the public.

Andrea Vieth  8    Alyssa Mount  8    
Aaron Riley  8    Giselle Tran  8    
Azure Gonzalez  8    Drew Hackett  8    
Eli Bonefas  8    Zach Bram  8    
Austin Schmidt  8    Brevan Jorgenson  8    
CH2M Hill   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Morton Middle

Team Leader
Robert Carmichael

Curt Betts, US Army Corps of Engineers
Brent Schulz, LRA

Project: 5th and 6th Grade Wing

Morton Magnet Middle School is dealing with overcrowding issues causing too much movement of students and teachers that travel. With the addition of 5th and 6th Grades last year, this problem has been compounded. We need a space for the younger students that is somewhat isolated from the older students, but we do not want to compromise their safety by putting them in the portable classrooms. Our proposed solution is to build a dedicated 5th and 6th Grade wing onto our building.

Kylee Gwinn  8    Jeff Lechner  8    
Paige Tenski  8    Julie Wilcox  8    
Jessica Vorthmann  8    Anthony Brammer  7    
Duncan Brandt  7    Joslyn Jensen  7    
Camden Johnson  7    Aguel Lual  7    
Ally Washka  7    
LRA   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Nathan Hale

Team Leader
Christina Allred

Greg Stachon, BCDM Architecture
Steve Butler, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Inspiration by Kidz

Omaha’s percentage of African-American children in poverty ranks number one in the nation, and an alarming six out of ten African-American children live below the poverty line. The students of Nathan Hale want to help all children by opening a donation center in their school. The donation center will be run by students who attend Nathan Hale and will serve the community by assisting those without clothes, food and the necessities of daily life. The students will operate the center on a year-round basis. This concept of a donation center within a school will not only help the community, it will instill in the students of Nathan Hale a sense of pride in the community and an understanding of service to others.

De\'Ja Combs  8    Fatoumata Fall  8    
De\'Anna McNear  7    Ambyr McWilliams  8    
Raul Morales  7    McKenna Perrigo  7    
Samara West  8    
BCDM Architecture   US Army Corps of Engineers  

St. Columbkille

Team Leader
Andy Smith

Nino Franco, Retired
Andrew Barry , US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Project Green

Project Green St. Columbkille Engineering Club 2008 To 2009 We are producing a green facility that will be energy independent. It will be located somewhere South of Omaha, Nebraska. This facility will be called Project Green and will include a Solar Field that will bring power to our green facility, a Wind Turbine Field that will also bring power when there is no sun. Also included would be a Hydro-Electric Power Station on the Missouri River which would be two stories, a Recycling Building that will recycle plastic, an office building that is four stories high, and a ski lift that will bring workers and supplies to all parts of the facility.

Matthew Popelka  8    Betsy Sheldrick  7    
Nathan Henton  8    Tommy Kolbo   8    
Emily Popelka  7    Cory Sanjurjo  7    
Retired   US Army Corps of Engineers  

St. Pius X & St. Leo

Team Leader
Kelly Witt
Pat Allison
Terry Weare

Patrick Kastl, TranSystems
Kyle Vohl, E & A Consulting Group

Project: Cross Community Center

The midtown community, schools and clubs have a need for additional practice areas, gathering rooms, and recreation space. A vacant Bakers Supermarket building on the south-east corner of 72nd and Blondo Street has been identified as an ideal redevelopment opportunity. The facility will be analyzed for numerous activities, including indoor and outdoor sports, music lessons, an arcade room, snack bar, table games and meeting areas.

Jacob Wessling  7    Patrick Linafelter  7    
Natalie Bialas  7    Evan Eilers  7    
Jackson Brophy  7    David Rix  7    
E & A Consulting Group   TranSystems  

Westside Middle School

Team Leader
Anna Sumner
David Shabram

Joe Shields, HDR, Inc.


The sports field at Westside Middle School has several deficiencies, both electronically and physically. School Administration, School Board Members, and community members have indicated they would support improvements to this area of the school. Our problem solution will include a plan for a multi-use facility where people can come and enjoy outdoor activities. We will focus on green solutions and sustainability.

Matthew Benson  8    Irena Drincic  8    
Drew Gerber  7    William Gigantelli  7    
Amber Kischer  7    Maddy Malone  8    
Andrew McVea  8    JJ Toy  7    
Dawn Worthington  8    
HDR, Inc.  

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