Student Mentoring Program

2009 High School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Abraham Lincoln

Team Leader
Mr. Heckman

Rich Lewis, US Army Corps of Engineers
Justin Ahmann, HGM Associates Inc.

Project: Urban Renewal

Our project has been focused on the renewal of the Harvester Buildings and the surrounding lots, just south of downtown Council Bluffs. The area is dilapidated and run down. Currently it is not a very popular place for people to spend their time. It is the focus of our project to draw in consumers and businesses alike, by making the area aesthetically pleasing and useful. This project would also attract tourists when the history of the railroad is brought out in the park that will be placed next to these buildings.

Courtney Olson  11    Parker Seilstad  11    
Matt Wettengel  12    Cameron Burris  11    
Alex Cleaveland  11    Kayla Olson  10    
Sam Heithoff  12    Matt Dickinson  12    
Vince Gutsgell  12    Matt Nohr  10    
Patrick Whitsell  11    Jen Smith  11    
Erin Addison  10    Aaron Rau  10    
Sam Kunkle  10    Ethan Orth  10    
John Vermule  10    Austin Donaldson  10    
Brett Frink  10    
HGM Associates Inc.   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Bennington High School

Team Leader
Mrs. Catherine Schumacher

Mr. Wally Stern, Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Mr. Patrick Rainbolt, Kiewit Building Group

Project: Project: Zero Net Energy Interactive Multi Purpose Room

In the last five years the student population at Bennington Public Schools has increased over 40%. In 2005 a new high school was built to meet this increased enrollment. By 2008, the new building was filled to capacity and now the school lacks a learning area that will accommodate a large number of students. Our project is to create a multifunctional space that produces more energy than it consumes (zero net energy). This space will raise awareness about utilizing conservation methods to create a more environmentally positive setting. In addition, this multipurpose room will enable teaching and learning in an environment that incorporates the cutting edge technology of the future.

Kathy Andersen   12    Amanda Matz   12    
Matt Wickham   12    Paul Bencker   11    
Nicole Connor  11    Zayd Ibrihim  11    
Mitch Marean  11    Steven Parkison  11    
David Ferris   10    David Bressman  9    
Daniel Connor  9    Hassan Ibrihim  9    
David Johanson  9    Biraj Pokharel  9    
Mitchell Tilwick  9    Kyle Wiblishouser  9    
Michael Wickham   9    
Kiewit Building Group   Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  

Benson High School Magnet

Team Leader
Matthew Boyd Wichman

Curtis Miller, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: The Learning Community

Our project is focused on incorporating learning and public interaction in a convenient multipurpose compound. We are designing a Learning Community Center. It features an elementary school, community center, convention center and public library. By doing so, we will provide an intergenerational experience for all. The elementary school would have a focus on green lifestyles and pathways for the future. The library would be a shared structure as well as the community center which would have fitness and office/meeting space. The Convention Center will provide a venue for a variety of local events and ceremonies. By doing such, we utilize these facilities for many purposes. They would be constructed of recycled materials and have their hot water and space heating provided from the cogeneration facility located at the Old Douglas County landfill across the street (126th and State). By doing so, we would be reducing the reliance on running a boiler and we would also be saving money for all of these structures. This will provide a great experience for all those who use it.

Mike Branon  12    Ricki Getzschman  12    
Chad Staley  12    Vandra Caldwell  10    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School

Team Leader
Steve Hamersky

Gary Krupa, Department of Veterans Affairs
Andrew Shelby, Bahr Vermeer Haecker Architects

Project: North Omaha 30th Street Corridor Renovations

North Omaha is an area of great potential and hope. However, as North Omaha's population grew, it became difficult for the area to support the citizens with the resources they needed. When the opportunity arose, the Omaha Housing Authority and the U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) decided it was time to take action. Through Omaha Economic Development Corporation and Alliance of Building Communities, these corporations are seeking proposals for the area. They started to look for groups to research what the current residents wanted and to redesign the area accordingly. Our team decided to contribute to the project by proposing our own design. We will develop many different residential and commercial options for the North 30th Street Corridor between Lake and Parker Streets. Some ideas include spaces for small businesses, which will help create jobs and opportunities. Even though we are redesigning the area, we will attempt to keep the culture and the history alive.

Xavier Metzger  12    Anna Norris  12    
Ryan Schrack  12    Amanda Zimmerman  12    
Tim Brown  11    Nick Buchta  11    
Stephen Driscoll  11    Josh Flott  11    
Mike Freeman  11    Jamie Gehringer  11    
John Hotovy  11    Stephen Krupa  11    
Meagan Kurmel  11    Salvador Robles  11    
Roman Shrestha  11    Mikulas Stubna  11    
Alex Culp  10    Dylan Tolbert  10    
Adam Braegelman  9    Ian Ginnaty  9    
Matthew Sis  9    
Bahr Vermeer Haecker Architects   Department of Veterans Affairs  

Millard West

Team Leader
Mr. Richard Baker

Mr. Brett Hraban, Lozier Corporation
Mr. Kevin Damme, Lozier Corporation

Project: Auto Indexing Feed System and Chop Saw

The auto indexing feed system and chop saw will take large twelve-foot steel uprites and cut them into any size necessary. The system will be composed of three sections: transportation, cutting and exit. Our project will also consist of the automated control process. During the transportation section, our machine will take the uprites from the welding area directly to the cutting block. In the cutting section, the chop-saw will cut the uprites at a pre-determined length set by the programmer. Finally, in the exit section, the machine will move the newly cut piece of material to another location. This automated process should save the company an estimated $25,000 per year.

Shiva Kothapalli  12    Troy Sporcic Jr.  12    
Brett Jacobitz  12    Rob McClenahan  12    
Melissa West  11    Cody Badders  11    
Nick Boeckman  11    Chris Bane  11    
James Wilson  10    Kaleb Wulf  10    
Taylor Helton  10    Ryan Varea  10    
Drew Nelson  10    
Lozier Corporation  

Mt Michael Benedictine

Team Leader
Mrs. Marilynn Theis

Mr. Christopher Langan, P.E., Lamp, Rynearson & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Mike Baldino, P.E., Kelly Klosure Systems

Project: The Science Matrix

Every day we are surrounded by new advancements in biology, physics, chemistry, and other sciences. In recent years there has been a decline in students pursuing studies in the fields of engineering and manufacturing. A need for scientists and engineers is vital for the future success of the United States and our ability to compete in the world market. The Science Matrix is designed to captivate young students’ minds by providing interactive science activities and demonstrations.

Steven Anderson  12    Brian Boose  12    
Adam Koch  12    John Marinkovich  12    
Jacob Purcell  12    
Kelly Klosure Systems   Lamp, Rynearson & Associates, Inc.  

Mt Michael Benedictine Team 2

Team Leader
Mrs. Marilynn Theis

Mr. Greg Stieren, BCDM Architecture
Mr. Mark Montz, Hewlett Packard

Project: Mount Michael Benedictine: Renovation and Expansion for the Future

It is projected that the student body of Mount Michael Benedictine will increase by 35% in the next 5 years. The current 54 year old building will not be capable of meeting the needs of this increasing student body. We are looking at reorganizing the existing building and adding an addition that will incorporate new technology and be environmentally responsible. This renovation and expansion will answer the growing needs of the school.

Jack Brady  11    Tom Christenson  11    
Josh Devereaux  11    Chris Hoff  11    
Alex Kramer  11    Max McClenahan  12    
Sean Murphy  11    Brendan Walsh  11    
BCDM Architecture   Hewlett Packard  

Central High School

Team Leader
Mrs. Jane Colling

Patrick Prososki, Union Pacific
Clayton Miller, Sensus MI
Ryan Curtis, Leo A. Daly

Project: H2 O

The focus of Central’s Physics/Engineering Club is to investigate an efficient, environmentally friendly streetcar system within the Omaha downtown area. We hope to alleviate traffic congestion and offer a reliable transportation system between the downtown area, Eppley Airfield, and the area of the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. Our proposal would connect the broken areas while engaging tourism in often forgotten districts of Omaha’s downtown. The H2”O!” trolley would help revitalize Omaha’s economy and raise city-wide environmental standards.

Nadia Al-Absy  12    Alejandro Gonzalez  12    
Dillon Parks  12    Zach Nutt  12    
Subodh Adhikari  10    Ari Brodkey  10    
Colton Franco  10    Fang Bin Zheng  10    
Leo A. Daly   Sensus MI   Union Pacific  

Omaha North High Magnet School Team 1

Team Leader
Dr. Lee Kallstrom
Mr. Anthony Williams

John Armkencht, ASD Stanley J. How Architects

Project: Trolley Resurection: Reconnecting The Zoo

We are designing the Trolley station for the main entrance of the zoo. The purpose of our project is to design a building for the proposed downtown trolley. This station will include; zoo displays, concessions, ticketing kiosks, statuary for photo opportunities, and direct access to the zoo. It will be an attraction in itself with hooks for new and returning patrons.

Nathan Auman   11    Micheil Baxter  11    
Dustin Casey  11    Juan Cuadra   11    
Cole Luchsinger  11    Shannon McCracken  11    
Nicole Rivardo  11    Willie Stennis  11    
Raquel Sturdivant  11    Brandon Todd  11    
Abram Walker  11    
ASD Stanley J. How Architects  

Omaha North Team 2

Team Leader
Dr. Lee Kallstrom

Amy Schaap, Leo A. Daly
Cynthia Tooker , Leo A. Daly

Project: The Fair Deal Café Renovation

Schools are having problems with security. Increasing threats and violence have caused schools to take pre-cautionary measures by hiring security guards to patrol the halls. Our solution is to build a tekbot that will send out Radio Frequency signals that would read the UPC codeson the identification badges worn by students and faculty. If the tekbot encounters a person without an ID card, it would alert the main offices of the potential threat.

Kate Talbot  11    Dylan Trausch  11    
DeVon Johnson  12    Eric Jones  11    
Trevor Jaixen  11    Tyler Hogan  11    
Wesley Poore  11    Dillon Carter  11    
Jesse Smith  11    Natalie Williams  11    
Hannah Pinnt  11    Andrew Camp  11    
Kelsey Schluter  11    
Leo A. Daly  

Omaha North Team 3

Team Leader
Lee Kallstrom

Jimmy Harding, The Schemmer Associates
Matt Krause, CWP Architects
Terri Elder, City Glass

Project: Gateway To The South

Past Jackson Street, you see southern Omaha. All that is left there is nothing but houses and a couple shops and then the zoo and Rosenblatt. Our idea is to open the south, by bringing the Gateway for people to travel South over the 10th street viaduct. The opening of the Post Office Annex and the Burlington Station is how we will start this idea, then broadening southern Omaha.

Caleb Peterson  12    Andrew Saure  12    
Edward Hubbs  12    Chris Sawatzki  12    
Charles Lor  12    Crystine McGill  12    
TJ Sass  12    Chris Wallace  12    
Kylin Pass  12    Hunter Glick  12    
Steven Brooner  12    Michael Clark  12    
Jennifer Johnson  11    Justine Kohtz  12    
Tessa Phillips  12    Tailla Strawn  12    
City Glass   CWP Architects   The Schemmer Associates  

Omaha North Team 4

Team Leader
John Vinchattle

Sarah Nieves, Kiewit Building Group
J.R. Cooper, Spiral Solutions

Project: From Rock Bottom to Five Star

In 1914, Rock Bottom Oil Company constructed a building in what is now the North-Eastern downtown area of Omaha. In the years following its use as an office, subsequent owners adapted it to store grain and eventually pesticides. Over time, the storage of pesticides contaminated certain areas of the building creating a hazardous environment for humans. In 2004, following the removal of a toxic section of flooring, the City proposed a 1.6 million dollar demolition. Due to the large cost required to demolish the building and dispose of toxic materials, as well as the historical value and redevelopment of adjacent properties, the City of Omaha’s planning board would prefer its revitalization, along with the implementation of commercial occupancy. Our plan is to create an environmentally friendly establishment that is not only conducive to future economic growth, but also a valuable asset to the surrounding community. We feel that this idea is very plausible because of the building's prime location; only three blocks away from the proposed baseball stadium. In order to attract potential customers, we chose to integrate specific baseball themed businesses that would be of large appeal to the massive baseball-interest market. We're taking Rock Bottom to Grand Slam!

Walter Bircher  11    Lewis Cain  11    
Steve DeSandro  11    Matthew DeVeney  11    
Rashad Erwin-Ingram  11    Coleman Hunter  12    
Dana Jensen  11    Jessica Lee  11    
Cameron Morris  11    Andrew Schroeder  11    
Justin Waskowiak  11    Scottlan Windsor  11    
Kiewit Building Group   Spiral Solutions  

Omaha North Team 5

Team Leader
John Vinchattle

Ben Fennelly, EIT PBS & J
Mark Butler, HDR, Inc.

Project: Joel N. Cornish House Renovations

In 1886, the Joel N. Cornish house was built at 1404 S. 10th Street in Omaha. An addition to the home was built in 1911. The property was converted into apartments by Grace University in 1956. Our goals for this house is to make it both economically and environmentally sustainable as well as LEED certified. We would like to restore the house to its former glory as a show case of Omaha architecture and to enhance South 10th Street.

Brandon Anderson  11    Jason Combes  11    
Matthew Garder  11    Matei Jackson  11    
Kevin Kreis  11    Mitchel McGill  11    
Tre\'Von McKay  11    Teniya Lowe  11    
Alyssa Randall  11    Michael Reida  11    
Jasmine Rogers  11    Zachary Scott  11    
Cody Sheibal  11    Stephen Simusa  11    
EIT PBS & J   HDR, Inc.  

Papillion LaVista High

Team Leader
Mr. Dana Janssen

Johnette Shockley, US Army Corps of Engineers
B.J. Gehrki, Kiewit Building Group

Project: Papillion La Vista School District Athletic Training Facility

As a team, it has come to our attention that there is certain lack of a combined training facility for all of the sports that our district has to offer. So in response to this lack of a facility, we are designing an athletic facility that would house each of our school’s sports so the student body, as a whole, will be able to train and achieve goals together. Our design will also utilize environmentally friendly, advanced technologies. This means that our team is working for a goal to make this facility produce zero emissions and actually give back to its community, as well as the environment. The project will include innovative ideas such as: geo-thermal wells, solar power, and innovative foundation technology. In addition, this facility will produce an environment that will allow our students to train in a safe and localized manner.

Zev Rohloff  12    Jake Rezek  12    
Dan Trouba  11    Ryan Boykin  11    
Ryne Kissinger  11    
Kiewit Building Group   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Papillion LaVista High Team 2

Team Leader
Dana Janssen

Johnett Shockley, US Army Corps of Engineers
BJ Gehrki, Kiewit Building Group

Project: Concert and Entertainment Center

Our idea for a project is a new concert hall/auditorium for the Papillion-La Vista area. Currently the concert venues around here are limited The Rock and the auditorium in our school, but these are far too small to support a concert for a more popular band with a larger fan base. Also, we could use this for other events such as school dances, plays, or presentations for a larger audience. By creating this we will not be limited to a small audience packed like sardines into the auditorium here or The Rock. This would benefit both the school district and the community because it will supply a venue nearby for anything from concerts to school functions. We already have a building that is just sitting there taking up space and is for sale: the old Wal-Mart at 84th and Brentwood. This building has been up for sale for years and would be a large and good sized building for a concert hall/auditorium. For our funding we will hopefully receive some of the money required for the renovations inside from the school district. Any other funding could come from large-scale fundraisers or private sources. Also we could ask the cities of both Papillion and La Vista if they would be willing to make donations for this project.

Nathan Giles  12    Kevin Corbin  12    
Nick Hunter  12    
Kiewit Building Group   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Papillion LaVista South High School

Team Leader
Jamie Glover

Philip Wagner, Retired

Project: Riverside Recreation Area

At the east entrance of the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, there is a large piece of wooded land and a grass lot. The land does not add to the significance of the bridge nor does it draw spectators. Our proposal is to develop these pieces of land into a public recreation area that will suit the needs of all ages.This includes, but is not limited to, a series of trails through the natural forestry, pavillions, restrooms, an artistic fountain, and a childs play area. This would prove both beneficial to the area, and the people that are there to visit.

Marcus Portofee  11    Christian Ehrnst  12    
Buddy Kauzlarich  12    Lucas Wood  12    
Dan Silva  12    Tyler Weakly  11    
Jonathan Meade  11    William Heida  11    
Tommy Bremer  11    Mike Bousquet  11    

St. Peter Claver

Team Leader
Mary Ullery
Shawn Gray
Jeny Garst

Terry Wood, The Schemmer Associates
Jason Heinze, The Schemmer Associates

Project: SPC Green Roof

Our project is to make a green roof. Our green roof green will have year round plants and a green house with solar panels for rooftop class experiences. We plan to put it on top of the new addition to our school. We chose this project because its eco-friendly, it will conserve energy, it is innovative, and it will offer authentic education pportunities.

Kim Richart  10    Scott Locati  10    
Angel Grant  10    Kevin Cortes  10    
Steven Kellogg  10    Jasmine Robinson  10    
Alex Hajek-Jones  9    
The Schemmer Associates  

Thomas Jefferson High

Team Leader
Al Hudek

Brian Higginbotham, P.E., HGM Associates Inc.
John Jorgensen, P.E., HGM Associates Inc.

Project: Metro Sports Complex

Purpose Statement: The city of Council Bluffs lack a public indoor sports facility. Due top the demand for indoor sports activities, we propose an indoor practice facility that would include a soccer field, arena football field, and ice rink. Our facility would be open year-round to provide both on and off-season practice fields. The Metro Sports Complex will serve the metro area's growing demand for indoor sports practice facilities.

Christopher Keefer  12    Brian Van Orsdal  12    
Sarah Hogueison  12    Jamie Swotek  12    
Brady Churchill  12    Bryan Brown  12    
Nick Duncan  11    Sebastian Baxter  11    
Cody Stites  11    
HGM Associates Inc.  

Westside High School

Team Leader
Gregory A. Ratliff

Mr. Chris Cain, United Engineering
Mr. Shervin Ansari, Kiewit Building Group

Project: Memorial Park Amphitheater

Omaha is a thriving city where music and entertainment is a very important part of our community but it is lacking a mid-sized, outdoor performance venue that could provide the city a place for popular entertainment. During the summer various concerts are performed in Memorial Park for the public, but many of these commonplace events require the construction of a temporary stage. This takes a lot of time, energy and money to set up and tear down. Our plan is to create a self-sufficient amphitheater in Memorial Park using as many alternative energy ideas as possible in order to sustain this type of facility. This venue would help promote local musical groups in Omaha by providing them a location to perform in a developing part of the city. Events held at the amphitheater would have the potential to benefit charity groups or homeless shelters in need.

Nathan Naylor  11    Lauren Keller  11    
Michael Richards  11    Sarah Toy  10    
Nick Goeser  11    Emily Sumner  11    
Tim Wang  11    Lev Nachman  11    
Kiewit Building Group   United Engineering  

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