Student Mentoring Program

2008 Middle School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Bennington Jr. High

Team Leader
Catherine Schumacher

Lucas Billesbach, JEO Consulting Firm
Rick Edgerton, JEO Consulting Firm

Project: Tim Ohrt Park Revitalization

In the heart of Bennington is Tim Ohrt Park. This once beautiful greenspace has turned into a seldom-used park. This park is not used because there is not any playground equipment for the children, no walking trails, gardens and there are no restroom facilities. We propose to undertake a revitalization project for this park. We compiled a survey to see if the community would support such a project. The opinion is that the community would be supportive of a park that emphasizes sports and playground equipment for young children. Other Activities: . Surveyed community members for their opinion on this project . Toured JEO Consulting Group . Obtained plans for sewer, water and park boundaries . Obtained legal description and established property ownership

Jake Bliss  7    Dean Detten  7    
Conner Eurek  7    Elliot Haack  7    
Dalton Jager  7    Ryan Kerwin  7    
Alexandria Richmond  7    Andrew Richardson  7    
Jesse Schrum  7    Grant Siekman  7    
Tyler Stansberry  7    Collin Turner  7    
David Bressman  8    Connor Broshears   8    
Alicia Burgers  8    Daniel Connor  8    
Sydney Hames  8    John Hamilton  8    
Hassan Ibrihim  8    Megan Jacob  8    
David Johansen  8    Conner Nielson  8    
Sarah Stacey  8    MitchTillwick  8    
Casey Walker  8    Kyle Wiblishouser  8    
Mike Wickham  8    Amanda Wood  8    
JEO Consulting Firm  

Beveridge Middle

Team Leader
Mrs. Sheila McCauley
Mrs. Kari Nathan

Mr. Bruce McCauley, Offutt Air Force Base
Mr. Michael Huffstetler, Leo A. Daly

Project: Going GREEN at School

How can we as 7th and 8th grade students help improve the world in which we live? We can begin by looking at a building where we spend most of our time: our school. Our school was built in 1962 and needs to be upgraded to be more energy efficient and help reduce the energy costs. We will start by examining our recycling policy, designing a vegetative roof, analyzing water conservation methods and energy efficiency. Using LEED standards as our guidelines, we will create a plan for our school to become “green”. We plan to do everything we can to keep our earth healthy and our school a great place to learn.

Rachel Bogacz  8    Alexis Brophy  8    
Emily Farris  8    Thomas Fogarty  8    
Nathaniel Hogberg  8    Preston Holmes  8    
Bryonna Hughes  7    Dewill Jones  7    
Sarah Keeling  8    Ryan Lynam  8    
Leah McGuire  7    Alexander McFayden  8    
Megan McKenzie  8    Emma Mincer  8    
Tyler Moll  8    LaVona Morrison  7    
Jayden Riley  7    Mikala Rinehart  7    
Jessie Shipers  8    Britton Wood  8    
David Castillo  7    Steven Hart  7    
Bingjun Lin  7    Quan Zhou  7    
Leo A. Daly   Offutt Air Force Base  

LaVista Jr. High

Team Leader
Margaret Alexander
Anthony Reisdorff
Steve Williams

Lynn Tungland, Bechtel-S
Donna Kohlan, Farris Engineering
Stephen Smith, Kenneth Hahn Architects, Inc.

Project: Remaking the LVJH Cafeteria

The La Vista Jr. High School (LVJH) enginneering team would like to propose an addition and renovation of the current cafeteria. The cafeteria is not designed to handle the number of students eating during a lunch period; consequently, the cafeteria is crowded and loud. After eating their lunch, the students are forced to leave the cafeteria and sit in a hallway when the same sitting area is already filled to capacity. There is limited supervision and safety hazards involved in this situation. The cafeteria is used for study halls, wrestling practice, and small chorus and band performances. We would like to renovate this area to serve all these purposes and add a stage which LVJH does not currently have.

Apprich, Andrew  8    Cacy, Nate  8    
Clark, Aaron  8    Davis, Elizabeth  8    
Galli, Zoe  7    Lyman, Berkley  8    
Ren, Jeff  8    Roberts, Ruth  8    
Sadiq, Adam  8    Schooff, Brian  8    
Tentinger, Mark  7    Johnson, Sydnie  7    
Filter, Gib   7    
Bechtel-S   Farris Engineering   Kenneth Hahn Architects, Inc.  

Marrs Middle

Team Leader
Karen Ramaeker

Sharon Miller, City of Omaha Public Works
Dan Kammerer, HDR, Inc.

Project: Streetcar Transportation System

The Marrs 2008 SIMP project is to provide an alternative public transportation system by revitalizing the idea of using streetcars in the Omaha metro area. We will look primarily at the downtown area.

Kiley Awender  8    Natalie Kammerer  8    
Jeniefer Perez  8    Kira Russell  8    
Sasha Schneider  8    Whitton Valentine  8    
Allexus Allen  7    Lili Allen-Franco  7    
Ibukun Awodele  7    Jordan Banks  7    
Jake Bruckner  7    Lane Chapman  7    
Adriana Cleveland  7    Shayn Dow  7    
Annette Moulton  7    Mark Moulton  7    
Antonio Navarro  7    Alexis Perea  7    
Patrick Blue Petersen  7    Mackenzie Pohlman  7    
Ernesto Sanchez  7    Rodrigo Sanchez  7    
John Sanford  7    
City of Omaha Public Works   HDR, Inc.  

McMillan Magnet Team #1

Team Leader
James Mayberger
Elizabeth Figeroa

Kathleen J Englert, US Army Corps of Engineers
Scott Gatewood, P.E., DLR Group

Project: Robo-Cop Security

Our project is the Bennington Bridge and Trail Connector. The bridge would provide a shorter pedestrian and bike route to the Junior-Senior High School from the Bennington Park residential area. This bridge would also benefit community members as well as students by providing easier access to the soccer and baseball fields. This project would be an attractive addition to our community.

Weston Denman  8    Andrew Dinsmore  8    
Bryan Hackman  8    Mady Kenny  8    
Rachael Kirschenmann  8    Matt McLaughlin  8    
Josh Nord  8    Sche Spurlock  8    
Tyler Smith  8    Jeff Volker  8    
Tyler Wolterman  8    
DLR Group   US Army Corps of Engineers  

McMillan Magnet Team #2

Team Leader
James Mayberger
Liz Figeroa

Brett Hraban, Lozier Corporation
Kevin Damme, Lozier Corporation

Project: Simple Slug Shoot

Our project will be partnering with the Lozier Company. We are attempting to improve the efficiency and automation of the plant with conveyor belts. Currently what happens is a machine punches a hole in to a part for the shelves. The piece that is punched is called a slug. The slug falls into a bin. The bin is later emptied by an employee with a forklift. Our idea is to use a system of straight conveyor belts, with edges, to send the slug to a recycling bin just for metal. This will be cost efficient and give the employee more time to complete other tasks throughout the plant.

Evan Berry  8    Trent Bostwick  8    
Cal Butler  8    Matt Dean  8    
Max Honig  8    Garrett Howard  8    
Lee Martin  8    Jacob Robinson  8    
Wyatt Waskowiak  8    Jacob Williams  8    
Preston Woodall  8    
Lozier Corporation  

Morton Magnet Middle School

Team Leader
Dawn Ferreyra

Curt Betts, US Army Corps of Engineers
Jason Heinze, The Schemmer Associates

Project: The Panther Pit

The students of Morton Magnet Middle School need a safe environment to study and converge. We also need space for extra curricular activities and a center to purchase school apparel and supplies. Our proposed solution is to build an addition for our school to fit these needs. Our addition will include a bookstore, lounge area, restrooms, conference center and outdoor learning garden.

Joe Aulner  8    McKenzie Heath  8    
Andrew Larsen  8    Elyssa Monzingo  8    
Cassady Gwinn  8    Yousef Hazimeh  8    
Reagan Huber  8    Ben Ferrin  7    
Kylee Gwinn  7    Sara Hiers  8    
Derek Jenson  7    Jeff Lechner  7    
Linh Nguyen  7    Katy Pellman  7    
Geran Ramet  7    Keanu Sisavahn  7    
The Schemmer Associates   US Army Corps of Engineers  

St. Columbkille

Team Leader

Michael Baldino, P:E, Kelly Klosure Systems
Nino Franco, Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Iraq/Ahgan War Memorial

It is our belief that the soldiers in Iraq deserve a memorial so we took the liberty to make one for them. They need this because they have served our country with honor, discipline, and courage. It is this reason that we have been working so hard to give it to them. It will be serenity and tranquility. We hope that the light of heaven will continue to shine on the soldiers.

Adam Braegelman  8    John Szalewski  8    
George Townsend  8    Joe Weiss  8    
Alex Hunt  8    Shane Zeller  8    
Gabby Flott  8    Samantha Sanjurjo  8    
Vincent Wirth  7    Tommy Kolbo  7    
Jonathan Pogge  7    Hoang- Yen Hoang  7    
Nathen Henton  7    
Kelly Klosure Systems   Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  

St. Pius X & St. Leo

Team Leader
Terry M. Weare
Kelly Witt

Patrick Kastl, TranSystems
Sarah Nieves, Schnackel Engineers

Project: The Panther Den

The Panther Den is in the heart of the school, but there are many possibilities of what we could do with this vacant area. This space has been vacant for years, and it is now waiting to be enjoyed. We propose to add more spunk to this desolate area.

Courtney Neeson  7    Becky Wessling  7    
Matthew Jadlowski  7    Drew Preston  7    
Cole Nardini  7    Rebecca Davis  7    
Patrick Davlin  7    Jacob Greve  7    
Kevin McCarville  7    Orrin Wilson  7    
Schnackel Engineers   TranSystems  

Westside Middle School

Team Leader
Anna Sumner
David Shabram

Joseph Shields, HDR, Inc.
Alissa Piere, Carlson West Povondra Architects

Project: O! CSO

Hundreds of cities in the United States have to deal with sewage in their basements and pollution in their rivers. Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) is a problem that impacts the environment in a negative way by contaminating runoff water with sewage. This contamination raises concerns for water recreation, aesthetics, and aquatic habitats in affected areas. Combined city sewers in Omaha, Nebraska overflow on average more than 50 times a year. When it rains more than one tenth of an inch, the rain and sewage then overflows into the Papio Creek and Missouri River. Our plan is to find a solution for CSO that meets with regulatory compliance, economic affordability, and community acceptance. We will focus on green solutions and sustainability.

Competition Team Members  0    Sam Adams  8    
Taylor Bosch  7    Irena Drincic  7    
Keith Frey  8    Andrew McVea  7    
Dawn Worthington  7    Development Team Members  0    
Ben Ashby  7    Christian Baxter  8    
Brogan Becker  7    Quentin Bishop  7    
Taylor Bosch  7    Irena Drincic  7    
Beatrice Duncan  7    Kate Durst  7    
Keith Frey  8    Alec Hamburg  8    
Quint Jaeger  7    Jordan Jensen  8    
Jonathan Liakos  8    Stephanie McAtee   8    
Andrew McVea  7    Luc Murphree  8    
Samantha Salvatori  7    Emika Severson  7    
Anna Skold  7    Delaney Sweet  8    
Graham Whittington  8    Dawn Worthington  7    
Carlson West Povondra Architects   HDR, Inc.  

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