Student Mentoring Program

2007 Middle School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Bennington Jr. High Team 1

Team Leader
Dee Hoge

Kyle Marler, Kiewit Construction
Kim Bunz, Leo A. Daly
Chuck Rogge, Leo A. Daly

Project: Bennington Community Center

Our project is to design a Community Center for Bennington, Nebraska. Bennington is a growing community that does not have indoor recreation facilities or a swimming pool. The nearest swimming pools and recreation centers are located in Elkhorn, Nebraska (8 miles) and Valley, Nebraska (14 miles). There is a large need for additional gym space for the growing number of youth volleyball and basketball teams as well as workout locations for adults who want to keep in shape. The community will be surveyed to see what activities, services and spaces need to be included, but the early concepts include a gym, pool, exercise area, game room and playground. This type of facility would address many needs for our community.

Alexis Allen  7    Daniel Connor  7    
Demi Higgins  7    Hassan Ibrahim  7    
Zach Matz  7    Connor Nielsen  7    
Michaela Noble  7    Aspen Siler  7    
Casey Walker  7    Kyle Wiblishhouser  7    
Mike Wickham  7    
Kiewit  Construction   Leo A. Daly  

Bennington Jr. High Team 2

Team Leader
Dee Hoge

Brad Schaap, Leo A. Daly
Amy Schaap, Leo A. Daly
Brian Wieseler, Leo A. Daly

Project: Bennington Bridge and Trail Connector

After considering many possible projects, the Marian S.A.M.E. team decided to design a special care unit for dementia/Alzheimer's patients. We are working with the Fremont Area Medical Center on this project.

David Bressman  7    Connor Broshears  7    
Sydney Hames  7    David Johansen  7    
Katie Schrum  7    Cassie Segebart  7    
Megan Stogdill  7    Mitchell Tillwick  7    
Leo A. Daly  

Beveridge Magnet School

Team Leader
Kari Nathan
Sheila McCauley

Bruce McCauley, Offutt Air Force Base
Michael Huffstetler, Leo A. Daly

Project: An Auditorium Renovation

Beveridge Magnet School for the Arts and Global Studies began their magnet program six years ago. Since that time the drama, stage crew and production management programs have grown beyond current capacity. In order to continue the growth of these programs, the auditorium needs to be renovated. We would like to create a larger stage, add storage and realign the seating for more seat and aisle space. Our proposal will address these needs and create a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, auditorium for students, teachers and parents to use and enjoy now and in the future.

Cesar Garcia  8    Ziandra Camphor  8    
Sarah Vitek  8    Mikaela Kelly  8    
Kelly Poland  8    Caitlyn Tanner  8    
Avery Meador  8    Connor Mejstrik  8    
Jamie White  8    Andrea Boyer  8    
Talayah Dawson  8    Miranda Moore  8    
Aric Bechdolt  7    Betsy Fischnich  7    
Anthony Cervantes  8    Joe Blecha  8    
Christian Gauff  8    Monica Marroquin  8    
Jeron Sunberg  8    
Leo A. Daly   Offutt Air Force Base  

Bryan Middle

Team Leader
Anne Savery

David A. Packard, R.A., US Army Corps of Engineers
Joseph R. Shields, P.E., HDR, Inc.

Project: Bear Necessities: a school store renovation

Our school store is in desperate need of a renovation. The store's current location is a closet in the cafeteria. The store is open everyday and student workers sell school supplies and our Bear Pride clothing. The store has space, organization and usability issues. Our team looks to correct these problems, while improving the overall atmosphere of our school and cafeteria.

Brandon Arias  8    Mindy Bliss  8    
Matt Estabrook  8    Seth Ham  8    
Kelsi Jensen  8    Lorraine Lafferty  8    
Katelynn Larsen  7    Danielle Nelson  8    
Meredithe Peer  8    Katie Radebaugh  8    
Malia Radewahn  8    Chris Reding  8    
Katie Wanek  8    Fang Bin Zheng  8    
Austin Kaiser  8    
HDR, Inc.   US Army Corps of Engineers  

LaVista Jr. High

Team Leader
Peg Alexander
Steve Williams

Scott Gatewood, DLR Group
Lynn Tungland, Bechtel-S

Project: Redesigning the Entrance & Grounds at La Vista Junior High

La Vista Junior High is an older school that was built in the late sixties. The entrance and grounds need to be redesigned to improve safety and efficiency. The few crosswalks we have hinder and interrupt traffic flow in and around school. The current design is a safety hazard for the students. We came up with this idea when we regularly observed the poor traffic flow and when we saw kids dangerously crossing streets and the driveway each day. We would also like to have stairs (our school is on a large hill) and seating on our football/track field. It would be some where that parents, siblings, relatives, and students can watch games and be safe. Redesigning the entrance and grounds of the school is useful because it will improve safety for students and residents, help traffic flow, and it can be done without major expenses.

Andrew Bro  8    Kathryn Cornwell  8    
Rafael Estrada  8    Grant Garrison  8    
Colin Krysl  8    Andrew Apprich  7    
Nathaniel Cacy  7    Lizzy Davis  7    
Berkley Lyman  7    Alexa Palmer  7    
Jeff Ren  7    Ruth Roberts  7    
Adam Sadiq  7    Stephanie Irvin  8    
Bechtel-S   DLR Group  

Marrs Magnet Center

Team Leader
Karen Ramaeker

Sharon Miller, P.E., City of Omaha Public Works
Jacob Hansen, City of Omaha Public Works
Daniel J. Kammerer, AIA, HDR, Inc.

Project: Falcon Birdbath

The Marrs 2007 SIMP project is the Falcon Birdbath. This swimming pool at Marrs Magnet Center will support the school swim teams that currently travel to South High School for practices and meets. The pool will also support the Marrs student body to improve health and wellness through swim lessons in P.E.

Natalie Kammerer  7    Kira Russell  7    
Whitton Valentine  7    Cody Armour  8    
Josh Cleveland  8    Elizabeth Huston  8    
Tania Martinez  8    Joslyn Metcalf  8    
Lucia Rodriguez  8    April Smith  8    
Shay Valentine  8    
City of Omaha Public Works   HDR, Inc.  

McMillan Magnet Team 1

Team Leader
James Mayberger
Liz Figueroa

Brett Hraban, Lozier Corporation
Kevin Damme, Lozier Corporation

Project: Gerald R. Ford Bridge

The current South Omaha Bridge is deemed unsafe because of its narrow roadway and even narrower pedestrian walkways. The bridge was designed and built in 1933-1935. A new bridge is needed to accommodate growing populations in southeast Omaha and southwest Council Bluffs.

Ken Alabi  8    Cassie Brumbaugh  8    
Victoria Case  8    Sean Hare  8    
Aubrey Schmidt  8    Deszmane Bonner  8    
Stephan Thacker  8    Eddie Jessen  8    
Michael Callahan  8    
Lozier Corporation  

McMillan Magnet Team 2

Team Leader
James Mayberger
Liz Figueroa

Pat Prososki, Union Pacific

Project: North Omaha Recreational Center

The North Omaha Recreational Center(NORC) is a facility to be built adjacent to the Multi Purpose Center of Omaha North High School. It will be accessable to the community of North Omaha. This facility is being built to raise funds for the new Omaha North High School stadium. It will be open during non-school hours because the marketing students of North High will run this facility. This will be a great marketing experience for the amateur students.

Conor Friis  8    Will Stott  8    
Jesse Epperson  8    Josh Christensen  8    
Lonnie Gaines  8    Evan Schultz  8    
Austin Glick  8    Tyler Louis  8    
Alex Riley  8    
Union Pacific  

Morton Middle

Team Leader
Amy Adam

Curt Betts, US Army Corps of Engineers
Amanda Grint, OA Consulting

Project: Study of Building and Operations of Morton Magnet Middle School

Do to our school becoming a magnet school next year, we are determining if we need more space for future and returning students and how to navigate students to their classes. *determine number of incoming students *determine how many classes already available and needed *determine ways to solve the problem *analyze operations of the building *determine expenses

Shannon Greenwood  8    Ariana Koch  8    
Katherine Durand  8    Joey Rife  8    
Desiree Johnson  8    Natalia Roads  8    
Dhwani Shah  8    Andrew Larson  7    
Yousef Hazimeh  7    Dillon Scripter  7    
Cassie Gwinn  7    Loren Yoder  7    
Mckenzy Heath  7    Stacy Montgomery  7    
Sara Hiers  7    
OA Consulting   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Nathan Hale

Team Leader
Sally Davis
Nishja Nuss

Kathy Englert, US Army Corps of Engineers
Seth Lange, Olsson Associates Consulting Group

Project: Nathan Hale's Emerald City

Our SIMP team at Nathan Hale plans to design a nature center to be located near the southwest corner of the building. We plan an enclosed structure which will house many species of plants and animals. First we will plan the structure. We will look at prefabricated buildings as well as building our own. We will need to study botony, horticulture, zoology, and architecture. We believe this project will better the education of Nathan Hale students. It will provide hands on learning of the ecosystem. It will provide artistic opportunities and inspire ideas for interesting writing. New classes can be developed that will make use of the center.

Emilie Blair  8    Alex Grossoehme  8    
Kelsey Whiteley  8    Andrea Thompson-Wilson  8    
Amanda McLaughlin  8    Josh Scott  8    
Mai Vang  8    Erik Grasmick  7    
Lee Demers  7    Hannah Zabka  8    
Jesse Allen  8    
Olsson Associates Consulting Group   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Norris Middle

Team Leader
Mr. Patrick Pope

Dave Nielsen, Olsson Associates Consulting Group
Stacy Blum, HDR, Inc.

Project: Song Birds: Renovation of the Norris Middle School Redbirds Auditorium

The Norris SIMP team is proposing to expand and renovate the school's auditorium. This space is used for a variety of activities on a regular basis; from small groups to grade level assemblies to performances and programs for school and community. No air conditioning, poor seating and lighting, lack of storage, inadequate acoustics are a few of the problems that hinder the usage of the space. We intend to address these issues, and many others, so that every experience in the auditorium is a positive one.

Cooper, Hollie  8    Gall, Carter  8    
Goodwin, Nick  8    Harper, Jacquelyn  8    
Hilliar, Linda  8    Kruse, Kellie  8    
Mayorga, Daniel  8    Pate-Kiihne Mikayla  8    
Prescott, Brittany  8    Rabiola, Stephanie  8    
Underhill, Charlotte  7    
HDR, Inc.   Olsson Associates Consulting Group  

Papillion Jr. High

Team Leader
Carol Hollenbeck

J R Cooper, Spiral Solutions
Sheri Rivera, Bechtel-S

Project: Renovation of the West Papio Bike Trail

The citizens of Papillion, Bellevue and surrounding areas are currently discouraged from riding the bike trail that runs along the Papio Creek levy. There are three major problems with this bike trail: safety issues, no places to rest, and a poor general appearance. Our project will improve safety with things such as solar or reflective lighting. There would be benches and tables for resting and other comfort additions. An example of improving appearance of the trail would be adding living plants. We feel this trail is in desperate need of a makeover and that the citizens and visitors in the area will be healthier and happier when this project is completed.

Altman, Brice  8    Calabrese, Tyler  8    
Evertson, Daniel  8    Foster, Zach  8    
Godsil, Caleb  8    Harlow, Chris  7    
Jones, Nate  7    Kobza, Courtney  8    
Rainey-Biler, Kent  8    Sanderson, Katie  8    
Sanderson, Tasha  7    Westcott, Tommy  8    
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