Student Mentoring Program

2007 High School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Abraham Lincoln

Team Leader
Justin Heckman

Rich Lewis, US Army Corps of Engineers
Steven Rumbaugh, Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Iowa Side Pedestrian Bridge Amphitheater Development

Plan the development of the Iowa riverside pedestrian bridge with environmentally friendly general attractions. This will specifically include an amphitheater in the wetland area to the west of the Council Bluffs levee. The amphitheater will provide entertainment to the public and also a chance for sponsored events and fairs. This project will apply to the No Rise policy since it lies on the floodplain and wetland area. The plan specifics also include a general walkway and environmentally access road for trucks and other vehicles and equipment for the event coordinators. We also plan to construct a general arch entrance consisting of a musical theme. The archway would be located atop the levee closely neighbored by the pedestrian bridge landing.

Tanner Munson  12    Mike Larson  11    
Ben McKinley  11    Ryan Willis  11    
Kyle Willis  11    
Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers   US Army Corps of Engineers  


Team Leader
Dee Hoge

Wally Stern, Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Lucas Billesbach, JEO Consulting Firm

Project: Bennington High School Addition

The current Bennington High School will not be sufficient to meet the needs of the students in the community in the near future. The rapid growth of the population within the Bennington Public School District has alerted district officials to the need to plan for the expansion of the high school. The current high school is designed for 450 students and the student population in grades 7-12 is projected to reach 425 students in the fall of 2007 and be beyond the building’s capacity in the fall of 2008. Our project is to design the possible additions to the current building that would meet the needs of current and future students of Bennington Public Schools.

Aaron Couch  12    Alicia Cronin  12    
Chris Lantz  12    Grant Lurvey  12    
Andrew Matz  12    Connor Stichler  12    
Kenny Blessie  11    Kyle Hanson  11    
Paul Hanson  11    Alex Massey  11    
Grant Melotz  11    Kenny Parkison  11    
Kathy Andersen  10    Taylor Hobbie  10    
Matt Hunefeld  10    Denver Klaus  10    
Amanda Matz  10    Ben Sowers  10    
Paul Bencker  9    Kendra Blessie  9    
Nicole Connor  9    Zayd Ibrahim  9    
Mitch Marean  9    Steve Parkison  9    
JEO Consulting Firm   Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  

Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School

Team Leader
Steve Hamersky

John Leahy, USAF 55th CE Squadron
Gary Krupa, VA Nebraska-Western Iowa HCS

Project: Villa De Sante Affordable Housing

Elderly affordable housing in north central Omaha shows a consistent pattern of high occupancy. In partnership with Omaha Economic Development Corporation affordable elderly housing and a community center will be built in the Villa de Sante area of 60th and Hartman. This development will provide the elderly of north central Omaha with a place to live that fits their needs and where they can feel involved in their community.

Jacob Zimmerer  12    Sara Leimbach  12    
Adam Gehringer  12    Amy Holdcroft  11    
Matt Millington  12    Brendan Mally  12    
Brittney Faulkner  12    Tara Missak  12    
Ryan Hotovy  12    Stephen Reiter  11    
Alex Roth  11    Jamie Gehringer  9    
Emily Adams  12    Andrew Janak  11    
Jared Kreher  11    
USAF 55th CE Squadron   VA Nebraska-Western Iowa HCS  

Lincoln Southeast

Team Leader
Jane Edwards
Jake Winemiller
Brad Niimi

Karen M. Griffin, Olsson Associates Consulting Group
Carter M. Hubbard, Olsson Associates Consulting Group
Aaron M. Buettner, Olsson Associates Consulting Group

Project: Linkin' Omaha

Investigating factors involved with a mass transportation system between Lincoln and Omaha. These factors may include but are not limited to: Route (environmental and right of way), Traffic (Problems, commuters, recreation), Bridge at the Platte, Economics (who pays, who loans), Train Design, Railroad Issues (grade, curve, speed).

Jason Beach  10    Kevin Shipley  12    
Alexis Edwards  12    Jay Cummings  12    
Ty Hartley  12    Matt Harvey  12    
Doug Szwanek  11    Joseph Hopkins  12    
Nate Bond  12    
Olsson Associates Consulting Group  


Team Leader
Kathi Smith

Anne Peterson, HDR, Inc.
Amanda Bogner

Project: Natatorium

Our S.A.M.E. team is designing a natatorium (a swimming facility). The facility consists of a 25 meter pool to be used by swim teams such as Marian High School's eight time state champion swim team which doesn't have a permanent practice space. The natatorium will also serve as a community pool.

Jenny Steier  11    Kate Wingate  11    
Anne Gambrel  12    Deborah Veik  9    
HDR, Inc.  

Millard West

Team Leader
Mr. Rick Baker

Mr. Dan Pridal, US Army Corps of Engineers
Mrs. Martha Boss, URS
Mr. Jim A. Kollbaum, URS

Project: Transportation system

This year in engineering club, we have decided our project will be a Street car system. This system will be located on 10th street and Bancroft Street. The reason we chose to do this project was because the amount of traffic in the area causes problems with travel and causes some safety concerns. By having a street car system, it cuts down on traffic and makes travel between the Botanical Gardens and the Henry Doorly Zoo much safer and convenient. By having this street car system, we draw more attention to the Henry Doorly Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, promoting their business. Also, during the summer and around the time of the college world series, citizens will be able to pay to park at the botanical gardens and be transported to the zoo. In doing this, we can cut down on the amount of cars on the streets and loosen up space to keep accidents from happening.

Jessica Douglas  12    Pam Points  12    
Brent Hazelton  12    Evan Hilgemann  11    
Nick Boeckman  9    Cody Badders  9    
Melissa West  9    Josh Bullock  11    
kyle cooper  11    
URS   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Mt Michael Benedictine Team 1

Team Leader
Marilynn Theis

Mark Montz, Hewlett Packard
Fred Cady, PE, TSP

Project: Bringing It Home: Mount Michael Athletics

Through out the history of Mount Michael a large part of a student's life is centered on athletics. Team sports bring the students together teaching teamwork, competitive spirit and contribute to a sense of school pride. Unfortunately not all of the team sports at Mount Michael can have the advantage of competing as truly the "Home Team". Those sports that can not compete at home are Football, Soccer and Track. A new athletic complex where daily practice could be held as well as home games or meets hosted would help the Mount Michael student athlete compete to the best of his ability.

Cody T. Babbel  12    Stephen M. Kuhry  12    
Julius Agonor  11    John R. Boeck  11    
Alexander J. Cihak  11    Joshua W. Fedde  11    
Anthony M. Haskett  11    Andrew B. Jewell  11    
Matthew J. Kaefer  11    Thomas C. Kennedy  11    
Christopher B. Leonard  11    
Hewlett Packard   TSP  

Mt Michael Benedictine Team 2

Team Leader
Marilynn Theis

Mark Butler, HDR, Inc.
Don Ohnstad, HydroGeoLogic

Project: Stadium 2.0

The current Mount Michael Baseball Diamond is average at best. By renovating the existing field with such amenities as permanent seating, handicapped accessibility, and an extended backstop a new and improved baseball complex could be created. This would open up the possibility of hosting larger tournaments and even a State Competition.

Tom Kenny  12    Jeff Thiele  12    
Kurt Benes  12    Patrick Pick  12    
Tom Frederick  12    Drew Deras  12    
Ryan Daly  12    Jacob Pflug  12    
HDR, Inc.   HydroGeoLogic  

Omaha North Team 1

Team Leader
Dr. Lee A. Kallstrom

Philip Deakin, Environcon
Hank Vieregger; Gerry Rathouz, Retired
Robert Sink, CH2M Hill

Project: Conceptual Design for Midwest Xpress, a high speed rail system

The Engineering Design and Development Class at Omaha North High School found a need for a simple expressway between Omaha and Lincoln and created a conceptual design of a monorail to connect the two metropolitan areas. In the past decade eastern Nebraska has boomed with new economic interests, growth, and attractions. However, traffic between the two major cities, Omaha and Lincoln, has become a burden on residents. We see great need for some kind of connection between the Omaha and Lincoln communities. We, the Senior Class at Omaha North High School, propose a high speed rail system between the two metropolitan areas with connections in-between to the smaller communities.

Jared Bain  12    Preston Bostwick  12    
Justin Duster  12    Jason Garder  12    
David Guthmann  12    Ben McGill  12    
Ben Morgan  12    Raja Mukherjee  12    
Phil Prazan  12    Dustin Schluter  12    
Chris Smith  12    Rob Swanson  12    
Ben Wagner  12    
CH2M Hill   Environcon   Retired  

Omaha North Team 2

Team Leader
Dr. Lee Kallstrom

Eddy Santamaria, Contrivium

Project: The Vikingship

Our team is working on designing a multipurpose athletic facility/stadium to host various events. The reason behind the project is that Omaha North High School is the only Omaha Public high school without a stadium of its own. The stadium section of the facility will have a 4,500 seat capacity with the possibility of grass burms outside the end zones. The field will have both football and soccer field line markings with a six lane track that has eight lanes on the home straight. This facility will be to host a plethora of activities including: football, soccer, track, concerts, graduation, etc; also included will be locker rooms, blue field turf, automated shutters for the stadium lights, training rooms, and handicap accessibility.

Tyler Beene  11    Dylan Mayberry  11    
Alex Jones  11    Niles Paul  12    
Ricky Page  11    Allen Wilson  11    
Levi Epperson  12    Nick Neneman  11    
Joe Teplitsky  11    Ben Kammerer  10    
Rob Swanson  12    Dan Concannon  11    
Meng Lo  11    

Omaha North Team 3

Team Leader
Dr. Lee Kallstrom

Greg Stachon, BCDM Architecture
Jamie Wietfeld, BCDM Architecture

Project: Cornfield to Community: Sunset Acres

Our team has decided to design a neighborhood, called Sunset Acres, in western Bennington. This neighborhood will help accommodate all of the people who are moving to Omaha’s suburbs. Sunset Acres will include certain aspects of the design philosophy called New Urbanism, making the neighborhood more pedestrian-friendly. This project will help us understand the effort needed to design a subdivision using the engineering process.

Tyler Borcyk  11    Alex Forbes  11    
Patrick Roy  11    Kayce Rich  12    
Ben Morgan  12    Dylan White  11    
Adam Chapman  11    Dan Maguire  11    
Josh Bailey  11    Aaron Brewer  11    
Nick Brumbaugh  11    Molly Cubrich  11    
Ryan Hazimeh  11    
BCDM Architecture  

Papillion-La Vista High School

Team Leader
Lynn Weaver

Johnette Shockley, US Army Corps of Engineers
Brian Osborn, URS

Project: Performance Intracting: Cutting Energy Usage at Papillion-LaVista High

Inefficiency at Papillion-LaVista High School results in unnecessarily high heating and cooling costs and disproportionate use of natural resources. Therefore, we propose a series of feasible changes that will improve the efficiency of the building, thus reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and cutting the utility costs or our school over time.

Erich Brandeau  11    Jeff Nye  12    
Matt Gordon  12    Alex Rock  12    
Andrew Maher  11    Ross Janovec  12    
URS   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Thomas Jefferson

Team Leader
Dr. Al Hudek

John E. Jorgensen, HGM Associates Inc.
Kim Conine, HGM Associates Inc.

Project: Jefferson Sports Complex

As the 2006-2007 Thomas Jefferson Engineering Team, we have decided upon creating a new indoor sports complex. Our site, 2400 West Broadway, is a prime location for both our school and our community. We plan on including sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and much more.

Amanda Rounds  12    Kiersten Ruff  12    
Kevin Tholen  12    Katie Bardot  12    
Matthew Thompson  12    Matthew Thomas  12    
Joey Galda  12    Nick Robinson  12    
Kody Belt  11    Terrence Huit  12    
HGM Associates Inc.  

Westside Team 1

Team Leader
Gregg Ratliff

Chris Cain, 3DS2, Inc.
Megan Lutz, DLR Group

Project: A 'Green' Approach

Because resources needed to sustain a growing community must also increase as new developments sprout up, how can we incorporate sustainability into the Omaha area in order to limit waste and the increasing the need for resources such as water and power? As a team, we plan to first research what is required to be a sustainable community and look at green requirements. Through this research, we will find a site and create a possible community, which utilizes the ideas of sustainability and is environmentally friendly. The team will divide up to accomplish different tasks that will all fit into our overall project. Using different resources, we will create a sustainable community and a house plan that are environmentally friendly and efficient.

Rebecca Crabb  11    Benjamin Heimes  11    
Michael Mazgaj  11    Benjamin Nachman  11    
Courtney Polk  11    
3DS2, Inc.   DLR Group  

Westside Team 2

Team Leader
Chad Zimmerman

Ryan Huff, HWS Consulting Group
Sarah Hansen, Olsson Associates Consulting Group

Project: SIMP Drag Stip & Road Course

The project we are proposing is to make a large and modern drag strip with a road course. Our purpose and goal in this project is to design and create something that would benefit our local society. The complex will provide entertainment and fun, as well as national recognition and tourism to Omaha and some other parts of Eastern Nebraska. It will be located northwest of Omaha. The drag strip and the road course will be contained in a triangle of land that was previously an airport. It will seat around 75,000 spectators and will provide food and drink as well as various, unique local businesses. This project will be a positive influence the growth of Omaha as a city.

Han Chen  10    Robert Severson  10    
Evan Quon  10    Cody Eich  11    
Jerry Zadina  12    Snatch Treska  12    
HWS Consulting Group   Olsson Associates Consulting Group  

Westside Team 3

Team Leader
Chad Zimmerman

Greg Stieren, BCDM Architecture
Dale Schilke, BCDM Architecture

Project: Westside Athletic Facility Renovation

Our group is going to redo the pool, the gyms, and some of the locker rooms at Westside High School. All of the other athletic areas have been updated and it is about time these areas are updated as well. Many of the students as well as faculty have commented on the amount of space and the overall cleanliness of the pool and the locker rooms. We are planning to expand the pool deck and redo the layout of the pool locker rooms. We also plan to add more seating for spectators. As for the gym we are going to redo the entrances to make getting in and out easier. A new swimming facility and gyms will attract more teams to have events here as well as attract more spectators.

Tyler Kuhl  11    Brittany Bruner  10    
Ben Busboom  11    Jake Anderson  11    
Mike Zhang  12    
BCDM Architecture  

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