Student Mentoring Program

2005 High School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Abraham Lincoln High School

Team Leader
Eric Robinson

Randy Fhel, The Schemmer Associates
Patrick Prososki, Union Pacific

Project: Somoquit Park

Our project is to develop an unutilized property in eastern Council Bluffs. Project will consist of a multi use recreational facility focused towards youth.

Juan Navarret  12    Racheal Cummings  12    
Josh Scheffler  11    Damaris Llanas  11    
Matt Twehous  11    Betty Nguyen  10    
Brandon Barone  12    
The Schemmer Associates   Union Pacific  

Atlantic High School

Team Leader
Janelle Schuler

Tony Zablocki, Plastics Professional
Keith Stork, Henningsen Construction

Project: The Herring High Rise

Our plan is to locate an existing building in downtown Atlantic and renovate it into a loft area which would create additional housing for area residents. The downtown revitalization has been an ongoing community project for several years. We believe this project would renew interest in the downtown area.

Bethany Wilcoxon  12    Michael Mikkelsen  10    
Emily Ullerich  9    Evan Dusenberry  9    
Kenzie Schuler  9    James Howard  9    
Mitch McCoy  9    James Beck  9    
Henningsen Construction   Plastics Professional  

Bellevue West High School

Team Leader
Nicole Menard

Mary Roth, US Army Corps of Engineers
Rose Hargrave, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: The Jungle: Adventures in Teen Recreation

In today’s society, the youth of Bellevue lack wholesome activities that allow them to use their creativity for enjoyment and interaction with their peers in a safe, positive environment. To solve this problem, the Bellevue West Engineering Club plans to design and create an activity center geared towards teenagers. To achieve this vision we will design and/or renovate a building that addresses teen interests such as, but not limited to, the arts, recreation, and academics.

Sylvia Hiatt  11    Branden Barber  10    
Emily Edwards  10    Jenny Flegle  10    
Susie Giroux  10    Andrew Hahn  10    
Megan Horton  10    Tina Lindell  10    
Megan Powell  10    Carmen Schweiger  10    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

Bennington High School

Team Leader
Dee Hoge

Wally Stern, Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Thomas Bentley, BCDM Architecture

Project: Bennington Park Connector Trail & Bridge

Our project is the preliminary design of a biking and walking trail to connect the Bennington Park residential area to the planned Bennington Trail. The Bennington Trail will connect the current Bennington Elementary and High School building to the new Bennington Junior-Senior High School located one mile west of the current building. Our connector trail would provide a shorter route to the Junior-Senior High School for students living in the western sections of Bennington. This trail would include a bridge over the Big Papio Creek providing easy access to the city's recreation areas as well as the Bennington Trail linking the two schools and the Bennington Lake Trail that surrounds the Newport Landing development.

Nick Massey  11    Nick Tabor  11    
Monica Marean  10    Connor Stichler  10    
Ben Milliken  10    Andrew Matz  10    
Grant Lurvey  10    Chris Lantz  10    
Craig Jewell  10    Alicia Cronin  10    
Aaron Couch  10    Paul Hanson  9    
Kyle Hanson  9    Alex Massey  9    
Shannon Eggink  9    Caleb Dotzler  9    
Kenny Parkison  9    Grant Melotz  9    
BCDM Architecture   Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  

Omaha Gross Catholic

Team Leader
Steve Hamersky

Gary Krupa, VA Nebraska
Jeff McClenathan, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Youth Empowerment Center & BMX Track Facilities

Inner city youth are being incarcerated at an alarming rate, becoming an epidemic to cities such as Omaha. An ingenious method for rehabilitating these individuals through moral values and business entrepreneurship training has been cultivated by Mr. Albert Willis of Inner City Resources Development, Inc. To bring this potential solution to fruition, the Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School Engineering Team will redesign a former grocery store building to become a youth empowerment center and plan a bicycle race track facility that the participants of the program will run as part of their training.

Mike Black  12    Jason Colasacco  12    
Andrew Conzett  12    Dan Cotton  12    
Kathy Mohan  12    Ben Peterson  12    
Rob Reiter  12    Jessica Rischling  12    
Brian Rodenhausen  12    Jean Rowe  12    
Mike Quinlan  12    Pat Wachter  12    
Nick Wertzberger  12    Colin Dorwart  10    
US Army Corps of Engineers   VA Nebraska  

Duchesne Academy

Team Leader
Mrs. Natasha Oakman
Dr. Robert Wolff

Christopher Wiehl, US Army Corps of Engineers
Mike Conzett, HDR, Inc.

Project: Siena Francis House Day Center

There is a need in Omaha for a daytime facility for the homeless. The team examined the existing conditions at the Siena Francis House and determined space requirements do not allow for daytime usage of the house. However, space is available for a daytime facility on existing property. Our project centers on designing this space.

Erin Leick  12    Amber Leick  9    
Daon Ha  12    Kelly Dineen  11    
Rachel Hill  10    Sara Stephan  11    
Anna Potter  10    
HDR, Inc.   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Lourdes Central High School

Team Leader
Andy Fedoris

Gary Sasse, JEO Consulting Firm
Elden Plettner, NPPD

Project: Facility Plan Study for Proposed New Lourdes Central Catholic High School

Our study is based on a perceived need for a new high school building for Lourdes Central Catholic Schools. This study will answer questions concerning increasing school population along with limited facilities and resources. We will try to address these needs for space, teachers, and additional accommodations to handle such an increase. Also included will be a study of cost analysis and finances to build and maintain a school of this size. The following committees have been formed to research the aforementioned problem: facility needs historical population and trends, location, and finance. We are currently in the data collection phase of the project.

Kevin Sasse  12    C.J. Layman  12    
Jordy Stukenholtz  12    Tim Volkmer  12    
Colton Hottovy  12    Luke Jensen  12    
Mike Scaturro  12    Kathy Farris  12    
Rachel Grundman  12    Jill Liesemeyer  12    
Heather Boes  12    Rebecca Schreiter  12    
Matt Harris  12    Tony Miller  11    
Joe Grundman  11    Rob Farris  11    
Dustin Barrett  11    
JEO Consulting Firm   NPPD  

Marian High School

Team Leader
Mrs. Kathi Smith

Anne Peterson, HDR, Inc.
Amanda Bogner, Leo A. Daly

Project: It's Not Easy Being A Green House

Imagine a home with a low cost, no interest and built with quality materials that will eventually pay for themselves. This is Marian's 2004-05 S.A.M.E. team's project, a Habitat for Humanity home that will better the lives of the inhabitant as well as the community. A green house is an environmentally friendly one. The team decided that looking to the future was the best way to improve the present.

Jenny Steier  9    Cannon Biggs  11    
Jenna Thielen  11    Katie Huerter  11    
Kristen Cochran  11    Lisa Nieman  11    
Paige Mariucci  11    Whitney Jarzynka  11    
Cathy May  12    Chrissy Galata  12    
Crystal Reyelts  12    Heather Wolf  12    
Katie McGill  12    Laura Brannen  12    
Megan Koory  12    Rachel Stieren  12    
Stacy Stieren  12    
HDR, Inc.   Leo A. Daly  

Millard West

Team Leader
Rick Baker

Bob Selders, Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Chris Stolzer, Kiewit Construction

Project: Millard West Renovation

Due to the continuous growth of the student body, the current Millard West building is no longer able to serve the needs of the students and the faculty efficiently. Therefore, the school is considering the need for additions. The Millard West Engineering Club took up the responsibility of designing the possible additions. The renovation will involve additional classroom spaces along with additional storage for almost all the departments. We will be using a combination of teacher suggestions and department needs to design the new floor plans for the school.

Adam Keen  12    Matt Cruzan  11    
Ben Holmes  11    Keith Krohn  11    
Steve Joiner  11    Adam Woldt  11    
Claire Zhao  11    Eric Baumgarten  10    
Brent Hazelton  10    Tressa Root  10    
Katie Sindelar  10    Steven Watson  10    
Mike Williams  10    Josh Bullock  9    
Evan Hilgemann  9    Jeff Stockman  9    
Kiewit  Construction   Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  

Mount Michael Benedictine High School

Team Leader
Marilynn Theis

Mark Butler, HDR, Inc.
Mark Montz, Hewlett Packard

Project: A Plan for the Revitalization and Upgrading of the Mount Michael Engineering Lab

Our goal is to transform our outdated and obsolete drafting room into a high tech, 21st century classroom. The project will consist of renovating the existing room as well as upgrading the obsolete computer systems.

Stuart Anderson  12    Jace Crist  12    
Scott Lindgren  12    Brian Stinebaugh  12    
Dan Agnew  11    Chris Daley  11    
Evan Freilich  11    Matt Goldsmith  11    
Tom Hickman  11    Grant Mathey  11    
Tom Murphy  11    Mike Patton  11    
Kyle Pelster  11    Tim Prost  11    
Phil Schulte  11    Greg Sullivan  11    
Tony Swanson  11    Sam Weitkemper  11    
HDR, Inc.   Hewlett Packard  

Omaha North High Team 1

Team Leader
Dr. Lee Kallstrom

John Armkennect, Stanely J. Howe
Kory Kyllo, Kiewit Construction
Joe Hazel, Farris Engineering

Project: Taming the Wild: Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo Administration Building

Eric Richardson  12    Erik Leahy  12    
Aric Jensen  12    Tony Klaumann  12    
Scott Gebers  12    Matt Koslosky  11    
Shayla Johnson  12    Jeffrey Siemens  12    
Nicholas Pruitt  12    Shelia Depew  12    
Paul Rathbun  12    Sean Bryan  12    
Farris Engineering   Kiewit  Construction   Stanely J. Howe  

Omaha North High Team 2

Team Leader
Lee Kallstrom

Nick Schulz, DLR Group
Jeff Patry, The Schemmer Associates

Project: The Gene Haynes Engineering Addition

We are designing a two-story addition to North High School. It will be constructed over an existing parking lot. A major aspect of the project will be natural lighting for the facility. The addition will house the engineering programs on one level, and biotechnology and physics on the second level.

Jarod Clark  11    Kenneth Gantz  11    
Jaime Lopez  11    Geoff Vlcek  11    
Chelsea Dukes  11    Sam Irvin  11    
Gabe Langdon  11    David Repair  11    
Steven Timko  12    
DLR Group   The Schemmer Associates  

Papillion/ La Vista High School

Team Leader
Mr. Weaver

Scott Gatewood, DLR Group
Johnette Shockley, US Army Corps of Engineers
Steven Ernst, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Military vehicle mine/explosive detector design

We will create a design of an explosive detection device that could be placed on the exterior portions of the military Humvee or other military vehicles. This has direct uses in areas of the world in which U.S. troops are involved, for example Iraq. Troops are continuously put into danger when performing their duties, therefore, with this device troops will be able to distinguish an explosive device in the road, which in turn will save lives.

Matt Macdonald  12    Chris Palmer  12    
Mike Fitzgerald  12    
DLR Group   US Army Corps of Engineers  

V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School

Team Leader
M. Schnitzler
B. Howard
K. Kleinsasser

Al Tarrell, Unisys Corporation
Ryan Huff, HWS Consulting Group
Janet Rodreguez, CH2M Hill

Project: Space!

The increasing student population at V.J and Angela Skutt Catholic High School is causing serious problems in the hallways and classrooms. Some teachers do not have a classroom, hallways are overly crowded during passing periods, and many students have to share lockers. In response, we are developing a plan to solve these problems, and improve the overall experience of attending Skutt Catholic High School.

Luke Davis  10    Katherine Palmisano  9    
Mark Holland  12    Alan Pitz  12    
Caitrin Jones  12    Katie Kolega  12    
Ted Labedz  10    
CH2M Hill   HWS Consulting Group   Unisys Corporation  

Thomas Jefferson High School

Team Leader
Dr. Albert Hudek

Mr. John Jorgensen, HGM Associates Inc.
Mr. Aaron Bresette, HGM Associates Inc.

Project: West Broadway Revitalization - 2800 Block

The old Jubilee Shopping center at 2801 West Broadway in Council Bluffs has been vacant for several years. We plan to renovate the south side of the 28th street block, including the adjoining Auto Zone. We intend to help the Broadway Beautification project by adding an attractive commercial development, including a dining establishment and retail hub. We hope that with these additions to the 2800 Block will open doors to more commercial redevelopment on West Broadway.

Christy Childers  12    Mark Christopher  12    
John Crummer  12    James Flanery  12    
Justin Hannon  12    Josh Jordan  12    
TJ Walker  12    Tom Mawhiney  11    
Angelika Stout  11    Ian Wilson  11    
HGM Associates Inc.  

Westside High School Team 1

Team Leader
Gregg Ratliff

Brian Wieseler, Leo A. Daly
Richard A Davis, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: High School Traffic Study

There is significant tension created by the flow of students through the central hallway of Westside High School especially during passing periods. Traffic is an issue on all levels and from all main hallways that empty into this space. Our project is to research and propose a method of removing the tension from the movement of people through this central hallway space. We believe that the probable solutions may be to reroute some traffic, redefine short cuts, create different locations for socializing, and redefine the schedule of students moving into the central hallway.

Courtney Polk  9    Michael Mazgaj  9    
Ben Nachman  9    Rebecca Crabb  9    
Christian Habib  9    Ben Heimes  9    
Leo A. Daly   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Westside High School Team 2

Team Leader
Chad Zimmerman

Ola Banwo, Leo A. Daly
Maher Tadros, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska Omaha

Project: Seat Lift

Elderly people face many challenges each day. One of these challenges is getting in and out of cars. We will try and overcome this challenge by creating a chair that rotates and pivots in and out.

Brent Gollehon  11    Kevin Grobeck  12    
Jeff Krzycki  11    Jeff Dorau  11    
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska Omaha   Leo A. Daly  

Westside High School Team 3

Team Leader
Mr. Chad Zimmerman

Mrs. Joy Willoughby, Leo A. Daly
Mr. Tim Willoughby, HDR, Inc.

Project: Pedestrian Overpass

The intersection of 87th Ave. and Pacific Street is a very traffic congested area. Since Westside High School and Countryside Village are located directly next to this area on opposite sides of Pacific Street, students are constantly crossing Pacific. They cross because students’ cars are parked behind Countryside Village. Also, parents pick up students at Countryside because it less congested than at the High School. Many people, not just students, also cross Pacific Street to Countryside Village to go to the many shops located there. Our team proposes to design a pedestrian overpass over Pacific Street between Westside High School and Countryside Village. This would ensure the safety of any pedestrians crossing the street. Drivers always have to be cautious around this area. There are many problems with this intersection. Currently there are traffic lights located here, but we believe that people do not take the time to wait for the light to change when crossing. They simply cross the street whenever they want. There are also two T-intersections, one at 87th Avenue and another at 87th Street, as well as the main entrance and exit to Countryside Village that slows down traffic and creates congestion. With students also crossing at this area, it can become a very dangerous situation. Our proposal would benefit drivers because with all the traffic in the first place, they would be less concerned about hitting someone who crosses the street without looking both ways.

Julia Pearson  10    Andy Thompson  10    
Brenton Willoughby  10    Okba Hamitou  11    
Chance Freemyer  12    Andrew Snowdon  12    
Jason Pearson  10    Kristopher Moulton  12    
HDR, Inc.   Leo A. Daly  

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