Student Mentoring Program

2004 Middle School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Atlantic Middle School

Team Leader
Janelle Schuler

Shawn Shouse, Iowa State University Extension

Project: The Reel Thing Diner

  Atlantic Middle School's eighth grade team project consists of a plan to enhance the quality of life for local residents. The team researched and designed a 50's diner, old-fashioned ice cream parlor, and coffee shop. We believe that this project will benefit the community by providing a great source of entertainment, good food, and family-friendly atmosphere combined into one. The restaurant will be located near the Reel Thing Theatre (Atlantic High School's team project).

Lindsey Clemenson  8    Jessica Cunningham  8    
Evan Dusenberry  8    Eloise Hoegh  8    
Mitch McCoy  8    Shane McDermott  8    
Adam Pottebaum  8    Kyle Sandage  8    
Kenzie Schuler  8    Joe Stinn  8    
Joe Sullivan  8    Adam Tellis  8    
Emily Ullerich  8    Millie Wiley  8    
Katie Wright  8    
Iowa State University Extension  

Bennington Junior High School

Team Leader
Dee Hoge

Don Moses, P.E., US Army Corps of Engineers
Mike Barna, P.E., US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: The Bennington Community Center

The nearest swimming pool is 10 miles away, and the nearest recreation center is almost 15 miles away. This confirms our assumption of our need for a community center in Bennington. Our project is to design a facilty that will meet the needs of our community for a recreation center. Our goal is to incorporate as many activities into our design as possible without overburdening the possible sites and community finances.

Kathy Andersen  7    Kendra Blessie  7    
Amanda Carlsen  7    Jeff Curtsinger  7    
Amanda Dotzler  7    Ashley Dotzler  7    
Jordan Foster  7    Dexter Higgins  7    
Lauren Iglesias  7    Denver Klaus  7    
Amanda Matz  7    Eric Preissler  7    
Andrea Prine  7    Kelli Schroer  7    
Ben Sowers  7    Matt Wickham  7    
Shelby Backhuus  8    Kenny Blessie  8    
Tyler Byrd  8    Caleb Dotzler  8    
Drew Dotzler  8    Shannon Eggink  8    
Kyle Hanson  8    Paul Hanson  8    
Kenny Hoge  8    Amanda Jacobs  8    
Tony Klein  8    Michael Koziol  8    
Alex Massey  8    Grant Melotz  8    
Kevin Olsen  8    Kenny Parkison  8    
Danielle Rador  8    Darcie Samuelson  8    
Alex Schincke  8    Jake Thacker  8    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

Christ The King

Team Leader
Mr. Segrell

Mr. McClenathan, P.E., US Army Corps of Engineers
Mr. Miller, P.E., US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: 21st Century Room Renovation

We are planning to renovate a room in our school called the 21st room. The room was an addition to our school, but doesn’t have a lot of technology. We would like to completely refurbish it to make it have more technology and more technological learning devices than it does now. We have spent hours brainstorming and performing research for what we would need and want in this room. We took a great field trip to King Science Center. We were amazed at the amount of technology that was at this school. We are willing to possibly expand into the back schoolyard if need. Each member and mentor has provided a lot of ideas to our Kiewit group as a whole, and surveys we developed for students, teachers, and parents have helped us figure out what our school needs in the 21st Century Room.

Gabe Harangody  8    Liz Bowden  7    
TC Manning  7    Mark Langdon  7    
Matthew Witt  7    Caroline Slattery  7    
John Elster  7    Austin Moore  7    
Jonathan Ochsner  7    Mitch Kohl  7    
Ryan Spellman  7    Katie Landen  7    
Ryan Corcoran  7    Matt Gorman  7    
Sarah O\'Connor  7    Katie Marcotte  6    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

Elkhorn Mount Michael

Team Leader
Mrs. Theis

Brian G. Wieseler, P.E., Leo A. Daly
Mark Butler, HDR, Inc.

Project: St. Johns Camp and Retreat Center

Mount Michael runs a week long summer camp for five weeks each summer. Currently the kids stay in the school building during the week. Our project will provide a totally new camp with outdoor cabins and lodge so that the kids wouldn't have to stay in the school building. The outdoor facilities would also be used as a retreat center which will reduce wear on the school building. Both the camp and the retreat center would serve as a valuable source of income for the school.

Greg Hall  12    Dan Gard  12    
Dan Herman  12    Joe Vacha  12    
Tyler Martin  12    John Kritenbrink  12    
Ron Kmiecik  11    Blake Suing  11    
Nick Hauptman  11    Matt O\'Gara  11    
Tim Pagett  11    Steve Stackhouse  11    
Lance Villeneuve  11    Jace Crist  11    
Scott Lindgren  11    Brian Stinebaugh  11    
HDR, Inc.   Leo A. Daly  

Elkhorn Ridge Middle School

Team Leader
Carol Engelmann
Michelle Hultman

Pat Engelbert, P.E., HDR, Inc.

Project: Greenbriar Park Project

There are a few parks in Elkhorn where you can go and enjoy yourself. The Elkhorn City Park Board has recently purchased land to make a park near the Greenbrier area. Elkhorn Ridge Middle School will work on the design and development of the park on this land. We plan to make the park a fun and educational place to visit. We hope to be able to see our plan become reality and to be able to help create an outstanding park for the community.

Stephanie Dritley  8    Nick Haas  8    
Katherine Palmisano  8    Ryan Wall  8    
Chris Wies  8    
HDR, Inc.  

Elmwood-Murdock High School

Team Leader
Tim Allemang

Michael Hromanik P.E., Leo A. Daly

Project: A Design for a New Community in Wabash, Nebraska.

This design will be based off of lots currently for sale in the town of Wabash. Wabash Nebraska is located between Elmwood and Murdock and is currently a community of perhaps nine houses. It is linked to Elmwood (and to Lincoln) by the MoPac Trail. In the late 1800’s, Wabash was a much larger community with over a hundred people. By the 1940’s, the town had largely vanished, with its main street and businesses reverting to farm fields. The numerous lots that are currently for sale are drawn directly from the original town plots. The intent is to develop a design for a new community that makes the best use of the existing land divisions and its resources. (Such as the trail.) At the same time, the design of the community will incorporate energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, handicapped accessibility, and architectural consistency.

Marcus Winter  7    Logan Ronhovde  12    
Cliff Ortlieb  12    Nate Jordan  11    
Leo A. Daly  

Norris Middle School, Team #1

Team Leader
Claudia Deeb

Bill Churchill, P.E., Churchill Engineering
Ron Springer, Churchill Engineering

Project: Norris Tornado Shelter Renovation

Members of Norris Team 1 were concerned that the school's tornado shelter was an unhealthy and unsafe environment. After taking a tour of the shelter with the building engineer, the team decided to take this on as a project. At first, we planned to design a completely new tornado shelter, because there are so many problems with the present one; including air quality, dirt floors, inadequate accessibility, on site storage of pool chemicals, exposed fan motors, and leaking pipes, to name a few. We then found out that the OPS policy is to locate tornado shelters in existing space only, improving that when the building is renovated if needed. Because of this, we have decided to try to make the existing shelter area work more safely and effectively.

Stephanie Palmer-Motokowski  7    Leslie Perez  7    
Stephanie Roll  7    Dylan Zaner  7    
Sarah Barnett  8    Joey David  8    
Drew Dickey  8    Joe Hanson  8    
Amayla Kelly  8    Mac Walton  8    
Churchill Engineering  

Norris Middle School, Team #2

Team Leader
Claudia Deeb

David Packard, R.A., US Army Corps of Engineers
Kathleen Englert, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Norris Auditorium Renovation & Expansion

Norris Team 2 plans to renovate the school auditorium so it will accommodate the entire student body at one time and be a more effective performance space. Right now the school has 1000 students and the auditorium seats 800. After considering several alternatives, we plan to install a balcony, expand the stage, install new seats, improve the acoustics, and upgrade the lighting, HVAC, and handicapped accessibility. We also hope to create additional storage areas backstage.

Reanna Limley  7    Patique Parham  7    
Ariana Peppers  7    Ed Suprenant  7    
Megan Brown  8    Nicole Gipe  8    
Alex Haskins  8    Samantha Hultquist  8    
Kyle Lynch  8    Jimmy Marcum  8    
Shannon Stennis  8    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

Parkview Christian School

Team Leader
Sheryl Petersen

J. J. Yost, Parks and Recreation
Craig Leibold, Ayers and Ayers Concrete Solutions
Dan Sharpe, NE Dept. of Roads

Project: Re-design of Max E. Roper Park-East

The Max E. Roper park is a park that is in our neighborhood. It spans both sides of I-180. The west side is well developed with walking trails, frisbee golf, and play ground equipment. The east side doesn't have as much and is not utilized well. We will design a new and improved park for Roper East. Our park will appeal to, and be accessable for a variety of people of all abilities. we will make it multi-use, fun and environmentally friendly!

Lane Grone  8    Ben Grone  11    
Keith Petersen  8    Eugene Kim  12    
Lauren Royal  8    Katie Stevenson  10    
Joanna Brunk  7    Viktor Nurbabyev  9    
DJ Petersen  9    
Ayers and Ayers Concrete Solutions   NE Dept. of Roads   Parks and Recreation  

St. Columbkille, Team #1

Team Leader
Mary Lou Alfieri

Kerry Black, P.E., Drake-Williams Steel
Amanda Bogner, E.I., Leo A. Daly
Al Tarrell, SAIC

Project: Sarpy County Humane Society

We are designing a brand new building to replace the old Town and Country Humane Society. Some reasons for a new Humane Society are: the Humane Society in Douglas County is miles away, for some pet owners, nobody likes wandering animals in the street, and 5,000 of every 3,000 animals picked up each year are from Sarpy County. If these aren't some good reasons for a new, more high tech facility in your area, then what is?

Thomas Thibodeaux  8    Monica Wirth  8    
Elizabeth Szalewski  8    Emily O\'Connor  8    
Patrick Mason  8    Lizzie Kolbo  7    
Michael Sortino  7    Kyle Rodenhausen  7    
Drake-Williams Steel   Leo A. Daly   SAIC  

St. Columbkille, Team #2

Team Leader
Mrs. Alfieri

Kerry Black, PE, Drake-Williams Steel
Amanda Bogner, EI, Leo A. Daly
Al Tarrell, SAIC

Project: Reflection Memorial

We are designing a comfortable family environment where people can reflect on the wars of the past and present, and the people that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Ben Jarrett  8    Amber Leick  8    
Chris Norman  8    Sam Swiniarski  8    
Scott Zey  8    Shane Cavlovic  7    
Jessica Dierks  7    Lauren Morrissey  7    
Kay Norman  7    Erica Sampson  7    
Sara Stanek  7    
Drake-Williams Steel   Leo A. Daly   SAIC  

St. Pius X/St. Leo, Team #1

Team Leader
Terry Weare

John Remus, P.E., US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: A Music Conservatory for Omaha

Design of a music conservatory that provides classroom, performance and recording space in a flexible, efficient and environmentally sustainable manner.

Jessica Hoppe  8    Alyssa Miller  8    
Mark Graney  8    Phill Smith  8    
Liz Sak  8    Devin McDermott  7    
Jessica Jurek  8    Molly OConnor  8    
Sara Short  8    Caity Wessling  8    
Barbara Knezetic  8    Keifer Hyland  8    
Brian Leddy  8    James Atkisson  8    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

St. Pius X/St. Leo, Team #2

Team Leader
Terry Weare

Connie Jensen , Assoc. AIA, Utility Engineering

Project: Airport Terminals; A New Approach

A conceptual presentation for the design of airport terminals that helps the consumer to find their way visually to the airplane, while also lending entertainment value to those waiting for their flights.

Patrick White  8    Whitney Welch  7    
Zach Baca  7    Emily Mitchell  7    
Conor Mac Bride  7    Katie Lonergan  7    
Erin Prendergast  7    Michaela Burns  7    
Joe Maher  7    Joe Thiem  7    
Shannon Scrivner  7    Michael Sambol  7    
Eric Juszyk  8    
Utility Engineering  

Westside Middle School

Team Leader
Anna Sumner

Chris Cain, P.E., HGM Associates Inc.
Nichole Muhlbauer, HGM Associates Inc.

Project: Mind Over Matter - A Facility for Mental Wellness

Luke Hatchell  8    Chris Humphrey  8    
Ben Nachman  8    Courtney Polk  8    
Christina Larsen  7    Emi Young  7    
HGM Associates Inc.  

Woodrow Wilson Junior High

Team Leader
Sue Griswold

Richard Lewis, R.A., US Army Corps of Engineers
Eric J. Wesolowski, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Council Bluffs Fun Center

The students have decided that the vacant Gordman Building on North 16th Street in Council Bluffs and the need for more family-centered activities will make a good match. Plans are to renovate the vacant building and provide some fun activities for families.

Kody Belt  8    Derek Bose  8    
Benny Bramblett  8    Brad Chapin  8    
David Coberly  8    Stephanie Davids  8    
Kelly Hall  8    Alex Hedrick  8    
A. J. Kellar  8    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

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