Student Mentoring Program

2004 High School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Abraham Lincoln

Team Leader
Eric Robinson

Randy Fehl, P.E., The Schemmer Associates
Rodney Hanson, HGM Associates Inc.

Project: Courtyard Renovation

Abraham Lincoln High School has a courtyard area that currently is not being used. The team's proposal is to renovate the courtyard area. The area will be used as administrative offices, a student activity center, and storage. We measured the area of the present offices and spoke with staff members. We were able to develop our plan for renovation. Due to the size and layout of the courtyard area, additional space is available for the student activity center and storage. The space vacated after the relocation of the administrative offices will be used for more classroom area.

Jonah Aney  11    Rachel Cummings  11    
Cara Lewis  10    Damaris Llanas  10    
Brandi Rollins  11    Josh Scheffler  10    
Matt Twehous  10    Patrick White  11    
HGM Associates Inc.   The Schemmer Associates  

Atlantic High School

Team Leader
Janelle Schuler

Ken Coffman, P.E., Schildberg Construction

Project: The Reel ThingTheatre

Atlantic High School's team project consists of a plan to enhance the quality of life for area residents. It will include a drive-in movie theatre and additional recreation activities. We conducted a survey to check the economic feasibility of constructing a drive-in movie theatre and concluded the project would be well supported by area patrons. We have also identified a location near Interstate 80 that will attract the maximum number of patrons. After completing this research, our group came up with a final design for The Reel Thing Theatre.

Scott Boose  11    Darci Culver  11    
Michael Mikkelsen  9    Bethany Wilcoxon  11    
Schildberg Construction  

Bellevue West High School

Team Leader
Nicole Menard

Lt Col Marc Shaver, USAF

Project: LOCKER JAM!!!!!

Bellevue West High School’s locker bays are overcrowded, not space efficient, not conveniently placed for student needs and there are not enough lockers for the current student population, let alone enough lockers to meet the future growth of the school. To solve these problems we plan to redesign our school’s locker bays in such a way as to ease congestion and increase student accessibility while at the same time accommodating for future school growth. To complete this project we plan to do research to determine the traffic flow characteristics in the locker bays and survey the student body to help identify factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as how the students would react to changing the locker bays. From that research we will develop multiple solutions that will be presented to the school administration and the student body for feedback. With that feedback we will select the final design and adjust it as necessary.

Joshua Buennemeyer  12    Collin Dunn  12    
Jonathan Swift  11    Sylvia Hiatt  10    
Brandan Barber  9    Joe Fripp  9    
Susie Giroux  9    Megan Horton  9    
Jennifer Swift  9    


Team Leader
Denise Hoge

Wally Stern, P.E., Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Stadium & Athletic Falities

Bennington's School District is breaking ground for a new high school in early 2004. No new stadium or outdoor athletic facilities are planned for several years. Our project is to design these new facilities to meet the growing needs of our expanding school district. Our challenge is to design these facilities on the site already selected and to keep these plans within an acceptable level in order to pass a bond issue for the development of this project.

Joel Backhuus  12    Pat Baker  12    
Ryan Brennan  12    Andy Schroer  12    
Andrew Tabor  12    Jason Tabor  12    
Nick Massey  10    Connor Stichler  10    
Nick Tabor  10    Aaron Couch  9    
Alicia Cronin  9    Grant Lurvey  9    
Monica Marean  9    Andrew Matz  9    
Ben Milliken  9    
Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  

Creighton Prep

Team Leader
Harry A. Jordan

Mr. Matt Sutton, P.E., The Schemmer Associates

Project: Heron Haven Development 2004

We are designing a pathway in Upper Heron Haven to accommodate handicapped persons, a Nature Observation Deck with pond and a windmill . These projects are supported by the model we produced last year which showed areas we completed extensive research on . Our model has since been donated to the Audubon Society of Omaha after last years competition. We have prepared plans for the pathways and observation deck. New models are also being completed to display these concepts. Interactive learning will occur on the observation deck in Lower Haven and along the handicapped trail in Upper Haven.

Steve Throne  12    James Goedert  12    
Bret Stover  12    Andy Gross  10    
Matt Neaderhiser  9    Zach Spelic  12    
Josh Sauer ( Student Mentor - UNO ))  0    Jon Mc Dermott ( Student Mentor - UNO ))  0    
The Schemmer Associates  

Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School

Team Leader
Steve Hamersky

Randy Correll, P.E., National Parks & Recreation
Gary Krupa, P.E., US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Council Bluffs Animal Adoption and Education Center

Council Bluffs has a shortage of space for abandoned or unwanted animals. The purpose of the Adoption and Education Center is to provide a safe environment for these animals, to train them to be good pets, and to find good homes for them. In addition, the Center will educate the public on the care and training of pets as well as benefits of adoption. We will design and build a facility that will be an adoption center and health clinic for animals, and will provide education and training for owners and pets.

Tom Dorwart  12    Jared Flott  12    
Neal Gapinski  12    Chris Gibilisco  12    
Craig Harrison  12    Joel Hartung  12    
Pat Hercinger  12    Liam Larkin  12    
Brendan Mally  9    Jean Rowe  11    
Jeremiah Sjoberg  12    Kyle Smith  12    
Eric Stephenson  10    Will Targy  12    
LeAnna Tucker  11    Katie Wallinger  12    
National Parks & Recreation   US Army Corps of Engineers  

Duchesne Academy

Team Leader
Mrs. Natasha Oakman
Dr. Robert Wolff

Mr. Christopher Wiehl, P.E., US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Rails Back in Omaha: A Monorail for the Omaha and Council Bluffs Area

Our eager, hardworking group from Duchesne is designing a monorail for Omaha, Nebraska. Because Omaha is expanding at a rapidly, we feel that there is a need for a more efficient form of public transportation that extends throughout the whole city. This would also be a benefit to the environment and the people; fewer cars would be driven, less gas money paid for their cars, and less rush hour traffic. With the revolutionary design of the monorail, Omaha’s infrastructure will focus less on road construction and more on future expansion.

Barb Cunningham  12    Rachael Saniuk  12    
Erin Kouba  12    Elizabeth Saniuk  12    
Daon Ha  11    Kelly Dineen  10    
Sara Stephan  10    AnneMarie Lewis  12    
Carrie Moran  12    Erin Leick  11    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

Lourdes Central Catholic Shcool

Team Leader
Kathleen Cotter

Gary Sasse, P.E., JEO Consulting Firm

Project: City Auditorium for Nebraska City

Our team is going to design a city auditorium for the community of Nebraska City. It will be built to accommodate a set number of people determined by a survey of local area civic groups and schools. The auditorium would be able to accommodate city, school and other plays, group meetings, including city council meetings, and other assemblies in the community. The auditorium would be open to the public for public use.

JEO Consulting Firm  

Marian High School

Team Leader
Mrs. Smith
Mr. Kathman

Mrs. Peterson, RLA, HDR, Inc.

Project: Conservatory

To design a conservatory for the Omaha Botanical Gardens.

Brigitte Moland  12    Becki Prendergast  12    
Christina Gonzalez  12    Katie Mehal  12    
Laura Brannen  11    Chrissy Galata  11    
Megan Koory  11    Katie McGill  11    
Rachel Stieren  11    Stacy Stieren  11    
Marci Watson  11    Heather Wolf  11    
Catrina LeBron  10    Margie Kennedy  9    
Julia Smith  9    
HDR, Inc.  

Millard West High School

Team Leader
Mr. Rick Baker

Mr. Robert Selders, PE, Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Hawk Hills Golf Resort

Millard West Engineering club has noticed the need to bring more tourism to the Midwest. Internet surveys have shown there are no golf resorts in Nebraska. Where as surrounding states have from two to twelve listed. The Hawk Hills Golf Resort will bring an 18 hole golf course, club house, and a 250 room hotel to a 500 acre site outside of Bennington.

Matt Larsen  12    Katie Nieland  12    
Scott McLean  12    Shawna Baune  12    
Matt Bay  12    Grace Lee  12    
Phil Jackman  12    Chuck Bell  10    
Sean Denning  11    Claire Zao  10    
Tressa Root  9    Katie Sindelar  9    
David Cowels  12    Matt Kruzan  10    
Adam Woldt  10    Keith Krohn  10    
Ben Holmes  10    Michelle Ray  10    
Jason Snuggerud  12    Ryan Peterson  12    
Retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  

Omaha North, Team #1

Team Leader
Dr. Lee Kallstrom

Kory Kyllo, Kiewit Construction
Jeff Dolezal, RDG Architects

Project: For the Love of Jazz

Our project is to renovate an unused building to a museum with Omaha’s own Preston Love will serve as the center figure of this building’s content. The obvious importance of this type of facility will be alluring general public as well as jazz enthusiasts from within the city. In addition, it will serve as a cultural center to visitors of our community.

Trenton Farris  12    Adam Van Osdel  12    
Nicholas Duncan  12    Shannon Dudley  12    
Daniel Hurt  12    James Russell  12    
David Tillman  12    Vayee Lo  12    
Kiewit  Construction   RDG Architects  

Omaha North, Team #2

Team Leader
Doctor Lee Kallstrom

John Sibley, Kiewit Construction
Tony Rezek, Midwest Mechanical

Project: Luxury Apartments of the Old Market

Our group project was to design luxury apartments to replace the fourth floor of the Bemis Bag Company Building in the Old Market from its former factory state. Many buildings in the Old Market are being refitted for this purpose and the Bemis Building is poised for such a retrofitting. Our class is using this project to respond to a “Request For Proposal” from the Mercer Corporation, the owners of the Bemis building. Our intent was to create and design new homes for people wishing to live in the riverside, downtown community.

Tony Klaumann  11    Eric Richardson  11    
Aric Jensen  11    Jeffrey Siemens  11    
Nick Pruitt  11    Paul Rathbun  11    
Justin Pounds  11    Shayla Johnson  11    
Heather Williams  12    
Kiewit  Construction   Midwest Mechanical  

Parkview Christian School

Team Leader
Sheryl Petersen

Rick Wilson, P.E., U.S. Geological Survey

Project: Mass Transit system between Lincoln and Omaha

The purpose of our proposal is to provide safe, convenient transportation between Lincoln and Omaha. Our rail transportation system will provide a faster, less stressful option for commuters. It will provide a transportation alternative that will reduce traffic jams resulting from Husker gamedays, Quest Center events, and other activities. Our goal is to provide economical, reliable transportation for anyone desiring a quick trip between Omaha and Lincoln.

Lane Grone  8    Ben Grone  11    
Keith Petersen  8    Eugene Kim  12    
Lauren Royal  8    Katie Stevenson  10    
Joanna Brunk  7    Viktor Nurbabyev  9    
DJ Petersen  9    
U.S. Geological Survey  

Thomas Jefferson

Team Leader
Dr. Al Hudek

John Jorgensen, P.E., HGM Associates Inc.
Aaron Bresette, P.E., HGM Associates Inc.

Project: IH Building Loft Apartments

This year we have decided to remodel International Harvester Building located on 10th Avenue and Main Street in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The lot consists of two buildings: one four story building and another one story building. The top two floors of the four-story building will be remodeled as loft apartments, the other two floors are being considered for a restaurant, office space, tenant use, or as multi-purpose space. We have decided to renovate the one story unit as a parking garage and the extended underground space as rented storage compartments. The roof of the one story building will also be considered for various openair endeavours.

Lynn Schulz  12    Matt Hawkins  12    
Nicole Hoifeldt  12    Mike Keefer  12    
Tabetha Hatcher  12    Ben Meyers  12    
Jason Reichart  12    Adela Kubickova  12    
Christy Childers  11    Ben Weese  11    
Justin Hannon  11    Mark Christopher  11    
HGM Associates Inc.  

Westside High School, Team #1

Team Leader
Greg Ratliff

Joseph F. Haines, AIA, DLR Group
Martin Berglund, DLR Group

Project: Recreation Center

Our team project idea is to create an Indoor Recreation Center. Our plans for the recreation center are to have activities for teenagers to keep them active and off of the streets. The recreation center will have basketball courts, a swimming pool, a weight room, tennis and raquetball courts, an entertainment area, a lounge, and a food court. The entertainment area will include things such as pool tables, air hockey, video games, putt-putt golf, and more. The food court will have many fast food stops similar to the ones at the mall. This provides the members with opportunity to eat without having to leave the facility. The lounge will be a large social area with couches and televisions so the members can watch sporting events and have a place to relax. To make this project successful we will need to research on the necessary things to bring the facility to life. We will need to research the costs to build and run the facility, a location, the amount of time to construct, and to see if there is a need to construct it. To find out if the facility is needed we plan to take a school wide survey to find out the opinions of other teenagers with different interests. We feel that this survey could also help give us more ideas on things remove or add to the facility. The team members will also be visiting locations of similar programs such as Westroads Club, Prarie Life Center, YMCA, etc. Team Members: Ryan Weller, Matt Musinski, Jon Stastny, Donnie Rowe III, Kevin Mass, David Hall

Ryan Weller  12    Matt Musinski  12    
Jon Stastny  12    Kevin Mass  12    
Donnie Rowe III  12    David Hall  12    
DLR Group  

Westside High School, Team #2

Team Leader
Gregg Ratliff

Ola Banwo, Leo A. Daly
Sarah Tracy, P.E., Albeck Gerken, Inc.

Project: Theme Park

The main idea behind our project is to combine many fun, attractive activities, and put them mostly indoors and partly outdoors. We plan to design an indoor/outdoor amusement park with roller coasters and other rides that are of interest to everyone. The rides of this park will all be tied into many themes. We plan to have the park open year round. The magnitude of this facility would be large in order to make it enjoyable for all ages. We intend to draw crowds from the surrounding area as well as from other states because of the unique style of rides and features that will be accessible 365 days a year.

Skyler Kruse  12    Chris Hogan  12    
Jarred Ober  12    Tyler Foster  12    
Andy West  12    Greg Eckerman  12    
John Roberts  12    
Albeck Gerken, Inc.   Leo A. Daly  

Westside High School, Team #3

Team Leader
Gregg Ratliff

Joy Willoughby, Leo A. Daly
Tim Willoughby, HDR, Inc.


For our project we plan to build a man-made lake branching off the Missouri River. Around the lake we will build a beach and sandbars to house endangered species and a trail for pedestrians. Outside of the beach and trail. The main attraction will be a marina that will have a boat dock and boat ramp next to it. Inside the marina there will be a full service restaurant and bar along with an area to rent out the cabins.

Steve Hector  12    Kevin Juma  12    
Jesse Diamond  12    Steffen Foster  12    
Nathan Dine  12    
HDR, Inc.   Leo A. Daly  

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