Student Mentoring Program

2003 Middle School Division
Teams & Project Synopses

Christ The King Team #1

Team Leader
Mr. Chris Segrell

Mr. Jeff McClenathan, PE
Mr. Curtis Miller

Project: Underwater Resort

The purpose of our underwater resort is to entertain the public by providing a unique resort experience with an educational theme pertaining to underwater ecology. Our goal is to create and operate the resort with minimal impact to the underwater environment.

jacob pflug  8    jahd khalil  8    
bart cubrich  8    drew klug  8    
joyce erixon  8    elizabeth longo  8    
mathew gorman  6    mitchell kohl  6    
jaron sutton  6    lou cubrich  6    
ryan corcoran  6    jordan myers  6    
jonathan oschener  6    elizabeth bowden  6    
andrew obrien  6    

Christ The King Team #2

Team Leader
Mr. Segrell

Mark Mimick
Janelle Mavis

Project: Undersea Colony

Our project choice is an undersea colony. It will be located on the top of Necker Ridge of the southern coast of Hawaii. The purpose of this colony is for research, solving overpopulation, and recreation. The ability to use it for research is the main reason for building this colony since the ocean is a vast and mysterious place. If we can have scientists living in the colony they can study the unusual life on the ocean floor. In places of the world, people are living in very tight spaces. The population will continue to grow. If we build this colony, in the future when overpopulation is a dangerous problem, people can go live underwater thus reducing the population density. Many people would like to see what goes on under the surface of the ocean. They can snorkel and see the top layers, but you must take lessons to go SCUBA diving in order to see some of the depths. This colony would make it possible for the average person to see the depths of the ocean. A decent revenue could also come with it. We will count on investors, country governments, and entrepreneurs to fund this project.

Joey O'Connor  8    Andy Popek  8    
Alex Dworak  8    Joe McMahon  8    
Paul Sharpe  8    Quentin VanArsdel  8    
Sarah O'Connor  6    Mark Langdon  6    
Ryan Murray  6    Michael Bachelder  6    

Elkhorn Middle School

Team Leader
Carol Engelmann
Michelle Hultman

Pat Engelbert, PE
Ryan King

Project: Skate Park For the Elkhorn Community

Elkhorn Middle School's project is to help bring a skate park to the Elkhorn community. We plan to work with the City to plan the park that will be built on the land the City has designated as a future site for a skate park. We plan to raise the matching funds required by the City, help design the park, and help build the park obstacles purchased by the City.

Cody Atkisson  8    Alicia Boland  8    
Ryan Carson  8    Matt Cox  8    
Levi Fowler  8    A.J. Gray  8    
Nic Heilig  8    Heather Hollman  8    
Nicole Kaar  8    Jake Kastens  8    
Keith Neemann  8    

Norris Team #1

Team Leader
Claudia Deeb

Patrick Prososki
Brian Wieseler

Project: Community Center for South-Central Omaha

The Norris Middle School Seventh Grade Team researched and designed a community center that would serve the south-central Omaha population. Our team conducted a survey to determine community needs. We designed the center and researched funding for construction and operating costs.

Sarah Barnett  7    Megan Brown  7    
Casey Christensen  7    Joey David  7    
Drew Dickey  7    Alex Haskins  7    
Katie Johnson  7    Samantha Kratochvil  7    
James Marcum  7    Patience Otto  7    
Shannon Stennis  7    MacArthur Walton  7    

Norris Team #2

Team Leader
Claudia Deeb

Bill Churchill, PE
Ron Springer

Project: Renovation of the Willa Cather Library in Omaha

Alex Bustillos  8    Paris Hanks  8    
Allison Jones  8    Melinda Matthies  8    
Afton Macias  8    Chris Miller  8    
Jacque Prososki  8    Tim Roark  8    
Brittney Ruffin  8    Sasha Zdan  8    

Papillion Junior High

Team Leader
Pama Kuper
Sandra Kendall

Joshua Sales, EI, URS
Johnnie Shockley, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Papillion: A New Center for a New Century

The current town center for Papillion has limited expansion space available for our growing community needs. Therefore we propose a development plan for Papillion’s needs. Our plan is to create a design for the “new town center,” at the Northwest corner of the intersection of Washington Street and Highway 370. We hope to include residential, commercial/office, dining, and other mixed uses and plan on having the town center and incorporate a strong pedestrian orientation, (in agreement with the RDG Crose Gardner Shukert, Inc. proposed plan).

Kyle Percifield  9    Chris Routhe  9    
Justin Winstanley  8    Eric Borst  7    
Michelle Johnson  8    Jessica Graham  7    
Cayla Banks  7    Kyle Christinsen  9    
John Wrobel  8    Graham Winstanley  8    
URS   US Army Corps of Engineers  

St. Columbkille #1

Team Leader
Mrs. Alfieri

Mr. Nino Franc, US Army Corps of Engineers
Mr. Joseph Swiniarski, US Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Papillion Activity Center

A place for people of all ages to have fun while either working out or playing in a gym, pool, skatepark, or eating in a food court while in a healthy and safe enviorment at a low price.

Samantha Swiniarski  7    Nick Bonham  7    
Matt Goshinska  7    Thomas Thibodeaux  7    
Joey Swoboda  7    Mike Bauer  0    
US Army Corps of Engineers  

St. Columbkille #2

Team Leader
Mrs. Mary Lou Alfieri

Mr. Kerry Black, PE
Ms. Amanda Bogner, EI
Mr. Jerry Culver

Project: St. Columbkille Arts and Recreation Center

Our project is to build an Arts and Recreation Center for St. Columbkille School. This new facility will include a gymnasium and stage. By building this new center, we can provide the school with a larger space for parish and school functions. Our current gym is far too small to fit all of the students in comfortably, and our social level is not always availiable for parish and school activities. Constructing this facility will free up our current gym for other uses. In conclusion, as our parish and school grow, so does our need for more space.

Marianne Black  8    Malinda Frevert  8    
Amber Leick  7    Ben Jarrett  7    
Chris Norman  7    Dianne Narzinski  7    
Monica Wirth  7    Scott Zey  7    

St. Pius X/St. Leo School, Team #1

Team Leader
Terry Weare

John Remus, PE
Curt Betts, PE

Project: Miniature Golf Course

The project consists of design and siting of a miniature golf course and related facilities.

Ben Ayers  8    Dan Heeney  8    
Jessica Jurek  7    John Mitchell  8    
Matt Neaderhiser  8    Molly O'Connor  7    
Jenifer Stillmock  7    Jackson Stokes  8    

St. Pius X/St. Leo School, Team #2

Team Leader
Terry M. Weare

Chris Poulsen, PE
Connie Jensen, Associate AIA

Project: The Garden of Omaha Diversity

We will create a garden designed to celebrate and respect the myriad of cultures in the Omaha community. Utilizing a variety of techniques we will strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for all people.

Patrick White  7    Phill Smith  7    
Julia Smith  8    Margie Kennedy  8    
Peter Morrissey  8    Laura Kurtenbach  8    
Caity Wessling  7    Jessica Hoppe  7    
Patricia Cobb  7    Alex Molini  8    
Maegan Jurek  7    Liz Sak  7    
Barbara Knezetic  7    

Westside Middle School

Team Leader
Anna Sumner

Chris Cain, PE
Sam Decker, EI

Project: ~ Parks ~ More than Swingsets

Most Omaha parks do not grasp the interest of teenagers. Rather, they are centered around both younger and older audiences. We would like to design a park that will be attractive to all age groups. We propose to do this by: a. seeking a location that has the potential to be appealing and accessible to all audiences. b. researching and designing equipment that is appealing to all audiences. c. making sure what ever we design is financially feasible to all audiences.

Amanda Johnson-Zetterstrom  8    Paul Williams  8    
Justin Zyla  8    Luke Hatchell  7    
Ken Hamel  7    Michael Mangelsen  7    
Ben Nachman  7    

Woodrow Wilson Junior High

Team Leader
Sue Griswold

Jeff Krist
Richard Lewis, RA

Project: Renovation of the Chanticleer Theater

Chanticleer Theater is our community theater. This year the students have chosen to use this theater as our project. Whether we renovate and enlarge the current building or design an all-new facility will be determined by the survey results.

Katie Bardot  8    Joey Galda  8    
Terrence Huit  8    Matt Kohl  7    
Tabby Pauly  8    Amanda Rounds  8    
Colby Rueschenberg  8    Kiersten Ruff  8    
Kevin Tholen  8    Gina Wilson  8    

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